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Do you ever have questions that you can't put in to words?

Asked by poisonedantidote (21638points) September 26th, 2010

I ask this because, for the past 20 minutes or so I have been trying to ask a question on here, but I just can’t seem to find words to express the thought correctly.

how do you personally resolve the problem?

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I would tell you, but, ummm, errrrr, ummmm…

But seriously, if I can’t write it, I don’t think it’s worth asking. On the plus side, writing anything helps clarify the situation.

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Usually, it’s that I can’t figure out how to title it. If I can put it all in the details, I’m much better.

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I think you did pretty well, at least i think i understand what you are asking here.
Yes, i have that too sometimes, that i can’t find the correct wording, but what i usually do then is leave the question for later when my mind is less busy.
Most of the times my mind is more clear then so i can word it well.

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Yes. I have a question that I’ve been mulling over on and off for two weeks. I’m just not sure how best to phrase it. I don’t want to sound like a whiner in it and I want some specific direction on how, not a discussion as to why I should do/think/feel something else.

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@tedibear If you want, you can pm me with it and I can try to workshop it with you.

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@papayalily – thank you for the generous offer. My inability to form the question correctly leads me to believe that I’m not ready to hear the answers. I will keep your kind offer in mind!

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you can go into chat and ask the mods

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What is it that you do…. do? Doesn’t sound quite right somehow.

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What about crafting it out on paper or in an electronic document, putting aside, and then revisiting it later for editing? Often, when I step away from a letter or e-mail, tackle something else, and come back to it, it helps.

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Yes. Usually I leave it alone for a while and think about it. What’s the topic for your question?

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Quite often. Though I suffer from a related problem more often.

When I speak to someone about a complex process, sometimes I “see” the answer but can’t put it into words because it involves concepts that haven’t yet been worded in language.

But then, language is a machine made for everyday functional communication. Certain concepts,forms and feelings are difficult, if possible, to capture by it.

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