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How can you report someone on Youtube who has a link with pictures of child pornography?

Asked by ladyv900 (713points) September 26th, 2010

How can I report this user on Youtube? On his profile usually people put their links like myspace,facebook, and some other thinks.I was bored and I just randomly clicked on it. All of a sudden this physco man has blogs about rape and has some pictures of child porno! How can I report this user seriously?

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There is a button on there channel located on the left hand side, the button says “Report User”.

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You could also report him to law enforcement. The FBI.

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@Gamrz360 All I really see is “report profile image violation” (the graphic images aren’t onof the user’s bachground profile) and all I really see is the flag button.Is there any other way on Youtube to report differently?

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@Gamrz360 It’s okay, I already found a different way to report.Thank you for trying to help anyway. :-)

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In the Netherlands we have this site.
There must be an organisation like that in the country where you live, i would think.

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Your best bet is to locate the area in which this person is operating. i mean which state. once you have discoved this, notify that states police. this will start the wheels in motion for this person to be arrested. since this probably crosses states lines, the state police will notify the FBI in your behalf. both organizations are very much up on this situation and they will welcome your input. please make the call.

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