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Is Fluther going anywhere?

Asked by flutherother (30711points) September 26th, 2010

At first I thought Fluther was a site for sharing knowledge about practical problems in everyday life. I thought as the membership grew it would become a more and more useful source of information. Fluther is useful but it has become more of a social networking site in which the same Flutherites keep on appearing. There is nothing wrong with that but is Fluther going anywhere or is it simply stagnating?

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Its getting somewhere, its getting more and more popular.. might be the new facebook

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If you look at it day to day, totally stagnating. But if you look at it over a longer period of time, a lot of the biggest users right now have only been here for a few months. Then a lot will have something come up, forget about Fluther for a bit, then come back, and during that time tons of new people will have joined up to mix it all up. Plus, they’re always adding new features – General and Social really mixed things up.

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@flutherother, where would you like it to go? And as for the same “Flutherites” appearing, I’m exactly sure how you can say that, unless you’ve been on Fluther before, under other names?

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BarnacleBill‘ve only been here a month or so but I have already become quite familiar with the names of the Fluther regulars. Fluther surely has potential as a site harnessing the collective wisdom of its members but for this to work properly it would have to increase its membership dramatically but I don’t get the impression this is happening.

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“We don’t need another Facebook”-Tina Turner

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“To the moon, Alice!”

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@flutherother You’ve gotta give it more than a month if you want to really witness the change here. I’ve been here just under a year and a half, and I’ve seen an enormous increase in the userbase, as well as the addition of many new features, and I know there are many more surprises to come. Just give it some time. Trust me, Fluther is anything but stagnant.

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It continues to grow. It tends to come in bunches.

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Here’s Fluther’s current demographics

Not everyone that comes here comes to contribute. There’s a lot of people who come just to read the content. That’s true for all social media sites, not just Fluther. People like to lurk. Lots of people only talk to others by PM. In spite of seeming heavily skewed towards the US, significant portion of Fluther traffic is global.

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@BarnacleBill I love that you can see exactly what day everyone went back to school on that…

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You can compare it to AB, and it spikes in the exact same place.

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@BarnacleBill Holidays, and when everyone goes back to school, with smaller spikes over the weekend and at night.

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Couldn’t say. I get frustrated with it a lot of the time, but it’s a refreshing far cry from most other Q&A sites, and definitely going further than those. It rules even in its stagnation, if such would be to present the case.

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It’s like a house with many rooms and lots of family members, including all kinds of aunts and uncles and grandparents. Some of the uncles are on the road a lot; some stay at home all day and basically kvetch. There’s an abusive father and an alcoholic mother; one of the brothers is ADHD and a sister is bipolar. Together, they all live under one roof – trying to make it work.

Or as I like to call Fluther – home.

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@BarnacleBill That demographics page has an interesting graph on it: from where is it drawing data about users’ ethnic race, number of kids and income?

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^ Uh, yeah? How in the world do they do that? We don’t even fill out a basic questionaire here, and even some of the genders here are iffy.

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Serious questions get you, for the most part, serious and informative answers—and yes, there’s plenty of socializing. Take us or leave us. ;-)

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just been here a few hours and it was great. already got answers that actually pointed me towards what to do next. i feel like fluther could be a cool oasis in the middle of a searing overheated desert that is facebook. but that’s just me…

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