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How excited are you about "Dexter"!!"?

Asked by gravity (3116points) September 26th, 2010


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Really damn excited!! And it is my b-day too.

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I don’t give a fig about a serial about a serial killer, but…

HAPPY BIRTHDAY, @johnpowell.

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Dexter who?

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My husband and I were really looking forward to Dexter last night. Plus, it was our anniversary. We had a very nice dinner out, then came home to watch Dexter while we had dessert (strawberries with balsamic glaze and whipped cream….yum).

We both thought the first episode of the season was a little slow, but it looks like the rest of the season will be the Dexter we all know and love.

@johnpowell Happy Birthday!

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The first episode has set the stage for a season full of surprises. This show continues to get better every year.

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@johnpowell HAPPY BIRTHDAY! yesterday
@wilma Dexter Morgan on Showtime… he is a serial killer who is a blood spatter analyst for Miamo Metro and he goes after the bad guys that are killers that get away or slip though the cracks of our wonderful justice system.

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@gravity , it’s Miami Metro:P
@johnpowell , happy birthday!
What season just started? I am gonna start watching it online since it isn’t on TV here. But yeah I loveeeee Dexter! It’s just so interesting I think<3

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@Thesexier I think this is the fifth season. It’s the only show my husband and I both watch regularly, and we’ve gotten quite a few other members of our family hooked on it as well. The story is good, and it’s full of dark humor. In real life, the guy who plays Dexter is married to the girl who plays Dexter’s sister. It creeps me out every time I think of it.

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hehe Miamo! lmao

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@MissAusten , Yeah I just found out it’s the 5th season. :P
Yeah that kinda creeps me out too that they are married in real life, but also I found out that he has cancer :/
But they are pretty good actors, they are married in real life and it’s so cool how you don’t see the attraction at all on the show!:O

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