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What is the funniest Anime movie you can recommend?

Asked by Carly (4555points) September 26th, 2010

I host a weekly movie night with lots of my friends. Usually I pick the movie, but I’ve had several requests for an Anime film, and I don’t know what to choose because I don’t usually watch that particular genre. This group usually goes for comedies, or at least light-hearted films. I’m looking for something feature-length and not part of a series.

Can you suggest any titles that you know will make people laugh whether or not they are fans of anime?

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Cowboy Bebop: The Movie, it has its moments, though it isn’t solely comedy, plenty of serious elements as well.

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Porco Rosso is one of my favourite films of all time and The Girl Who Leapt Through Time is a great light-hearted science fiction film.

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@muppetish I completely forgot about Porco Rosso, that was a good one. Haven’t seen The Girl who Leapt through Time though.

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The two that come to my mind aren’t exactly movies (I was never really into the anime movie thing), but they are both made up of fairy short episodes that can be watched in quick succession:

First, the FLCL series can be blown through very quickly and is amazingly fast paced and has some insane awesomeness, and I recommend every anime fan should see it. The second is Crayon Shin-Chan, which has a bit of a family-guy feel to it, funny because of how inappropriate it can be :P

Hope this helps!

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Crayon Shin-Chan is very good. I really like it.

Doraemon is another good bet.

FLCL is interesting but it may be a bit confusing.

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Again FLCL not a movie, also Cromartie High School but again not a movie. They are both however hilarious.

Freddy Mercury is even in cromartie lol

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My Neighbor Totoro!
Not really Anime, but Japanese!

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My sister says Ranma is pretty funny.

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@sliceswiththings: Totoro actually is anime, though Miyazaki’s style and the age of the film sort of set it apart from the stuff we see today.

Will edit this w/ recommendations but @muppetish and @Arp have already made some good ones.

Actually, most anime movies don’t deal with strictly comic stuff, for some reason (unless I’m just watching the wrong movies), although there are plenty of really funny series out there (FLCL, as @Arp mentioned). So the funnier films tend to be visually experimental as well, like Dead Leaves (which despite being good I don’t recommend because it’s not immediately funny, I think, to audiences not familiar with conventional anime) and Mindgame (which I recommend).

If you’re looking to introduce friends to anime then Hayao Miyazaki’s stuff is always a good idea because it’s well-received by Western viewers. He’s produced plenty of light-hearted and cutely funny movies.

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@shpadoinkle_sue Ranma ½ is indeed pretty funny

@absalom ahh I just watched Dead Leaves a couple days ago. Fucking hilarious. I havent seen Mind Game in years, I need to watch that again, great flick.

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Bokusatsu tenshi Dokura chan.

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@ragingloli With a username like that, I am not sure they should be trusted 0_o

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I would suggest “Hand Maid May”

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Kiki’s Delivery Service and My Neighbor Totoro ( funny cute and full of heart )

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Hetalia: Paint it white!

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