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Healthy adult female took approx. 6 to 9g of Acetaminophen at one time. RIsks?

Asked by bookroom (10points) September 26th, 2010

Adult female 222 lbs accidently took a bottle of night time cough med. Wanted to sleep, didn’t realize Acetaminophen was active ingredient. Not sure of dosage. Bottle had 10 fluid oz. and she thought it was ⅔ full.

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I used to know the dose rate, but since I don’t and if this happened, you need to call poison control immediately to get help as this could be a time sensitive emergency.

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See a doctor. It’s not worth gambling her liver.

If she’s having sleeping problems, drinking a bottle of NyQuil isn’t the way to solve them, anyway.

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Call your local poison control center, but it should be fine.

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Okay, listen to @Rarebear. They know more than me.

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acetaminophen can be pretty hard on the liver. That’s why they say not to take it if you’re drinking and also caution parents about children’s tylenol. But you need to get poison control to estimate how much she took, so call them right now!

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I agree with rarebear, though given each persons’ different ability to metabolize acetaminophen (I.e. Some slow, some fast), I would strongly urge this person to go to the emergency room for testing ASAP (as in, now).

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Called poison control before posting (no offense but first things first) and they said she should be okay. I am concerned though and what kind of testing would they do at the ER (Shilolo)?

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The ED could check liver function tests and check a serum level of acetaminophen. How long ago did this happen? We don’t know her baseline liver function and what other meds she is taking. I would strongly advise going to the emergency room if this just happened. If this happened two days ago and your friend is fine, then I would be a lot less worried and advise her to see her primary care doctor tomorrow.

Also, she should see her primary care doctor for better and safer sleeping aids, such as trazodone.

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Welcome to Fluther, by the way.

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happened 12 hr. ago. I believe her last liver test was normal (3 mo ago)

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ALso she is on 350 mg Welbutrine (sp?)

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Since this happened 12 hours ago, the proverbial “cow is out of the barn”. She should still see a doctor, especially if she starts to feel ill (i.e. abdominal pain, nausea or vomiting) or develops jaundiced eyes.

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