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Would the internet be as fun if our name/location came up on the other end everytime we sent/ posted?

Asked by woodcutter (16327points) September 26th, 2010

Like back in the old days before caller I. D. prank phone calls was a way to bother people. Nowadays prank calls almost never happen because of caller I.D. Would people act differently if this was a feature that could not be defeated, on line? I’m not a techy and really never want to be was just wondering if this feature would even be welcomed.

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If that were true, I bet people would get to work ASAP on getting around it. The first person to make and sell an ID blocker would be super rich.

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That would ruin the internet.

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Facebook already wants to make it do that. And instead of realising how bad it is they just think “Cool!” and sign up for yet another privacy-destroying feature.

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@Mamradpivo How would the internet be ruined? I thought it was so big and everywhere, it is indestructible now. Really I don’t know much about how it works. There is probably some kind of technology that exists that the govt has to track down where someone is I’m sure.

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