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During autumn in Florida, do the leaves change color?

Asked by Aesthetic_Mess (7887points) September 27th, 2010

Would you move to Florida for the weather?
Where in the U.S. do you think has the nicest weather?

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I did not know that palm trees leaves changed color in the fall. do they?

Tennessee has the full four seasons of weather. the leaves are just know starting to change colors. and, we have the same or more sunshine than the State of Florida. i have lived here all my life and love it.

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I think the deciduous trees in Florida probably start to change color toward the very end of autumn and continue to during the first week of winter.

That’s just a guess on my part based on Florida’s relatively warm autumns and my supposition that they probably have some deciduous trees.

I wouldn’t move there because I prefer cooler climates.

My favorite US weather is in the Pacific northwest between the coastal mountains and the Cascade range.

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Brian, my son and daughter live in Seattle, rather Duvall and love it. they are big on outdoor life and cooler weather, like you.

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You should only move to Florida for the weather if you are happy with weather that is sunny and in the low 80s for five months of the year (with some cold days throuwn in in December and January).

The other seven months it is unbearably hot and humid. I am talking 90s—for three or four months high 90s—with 100% humidity.

No, the leaves do not change color in the fall. They just fall off the trees and die.

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Near Tampa in October, I was surprised to see an autumnal look to some of the deciduous trees. Think browns and dark golds instead of New England vibrancy. Late October through April is just delightful; the rest of the summer pretty bloody awful unless you can deal with hot and humid. I am a “snowbird’ or will be when retired, so I get the best of both worlds.

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Native Floridian here, and yes, they do. Not the palms, of course, but most trees here do change color during fall like you would expect. It looks surprisingly more autumn-y than you would expect :)

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“Brian, my son and daughter live in Seattle, rather Duvall and love it. they are big on outdoor life and cooler weather, like you.”

Color me green. ;-)
Have you visited either of them recently?

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Thanks for the confirmation. :-)

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Brian, yes about three months ago. we took our Tennessee sunshine with us for a week and brought it back home, when we departed. flying to Seattle is okay, driving is not okay. 3,000 miles is not an overnight trip.

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It depends what part of FL. There is a line across the state around Sarasota, Vero Beach (kind of like the snow belt of the Midwest). North of that line they have more of a winter, and the trees are a little different up there. I lived in Delray Beach and more south, and I don’t remember any trees changing color. I’m sure it is very different in Jacksonville and Tallahassee.

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We don’t get many colours. It really depends on the tree. Most of our oaks just turn brown and it seems like you wake up one morning and all the leaves have fallen off overnight. There are surprisingly more evergreen trees in Florida than deciduous trees – scrub pines, mostly. I find autumn to be disappointing in contrast to my autumns in Upstate NY as a kid.

No, palm trees don’t turn colours, but in my area there aren’t many palm trees that weren’t placed there by landscapers. Gotta hit the ‘glades for the real thing.

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I don’t see much Autumn I am in Fort Myers.

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Not in the tropical climate in the south. North Florida – yes.

@Frenchfry Punta Gorda is the area in which I am most familiar. (we’re neighbors)

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@marinelife The climate in Florida sounds absolutely perfect for me. Heat and humidity I can stand. The cold kills me.

Anyone want to swap, before it starts snowing here?

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Ha ha. She found the tree that changes colours.

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we dont have autumn down in palm beach, its hot as hell or kinda cool. the only reason the leaves change color is because they are dead from no rain.

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I’ve never seen autumn and I live in south Florida. This is the place to be if you want to not only escape seasons, but escape the very notion of seasons.

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