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Why do the songs on my iTunes sound so much slower?

Asked by troubleinharlem (7981points) September 27th, 2010

Am I going crazy? I feel like they’re a lot slower than they used to be… but maybe I’m just hearing things.

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Before you got iTunes, were you listening to your large vinyl albums at 78rpm?

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Does their pitch sound any lower than usual? It’s very difficult for programs to slow down a song without also lowering the pitch or causing warping of some of the audio.

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@robmandu : I’m only 18, I’ve never even owned a vinyl album.
@dverhey : It does sound a bit lower.

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I think you’re probably imagining things, though. The likelihood of your entire iTunes library somehow being pitchshifted a bit is pretty unlikely. There would have to be some strange code in iTunes to even do that.

I’d check the equalizer anyway, though. It could at least account for the lower pitched songs, if that is true.

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Do you know your CPU usage? If it’s too high because you got a lot of stuff open… it might be the issue. Sometimes it can cause what you say. Usually with clicks and cracks and all that, but now and then I had it slowed without that much audio trash. Could be it. CTRL+ALT+DEL and click TASK MANAGER on Windows, or use Spotlight (Apple+Space) and write Activity Monitor… look for anything spiking the usage of the CPU in % to really large numbers like 70%+

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