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Would you like to have your own personnel robot?

Asked by philosopher (9165points) September 27th, 2010

It sounds to me like they could assist disabled,elderly people and even children.
It would improve the quality of life for many people.
Image if they could assemble all those things we buy in pieces.
What do you think?
See link below.

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I can see just a robot roaming through my house, during the middle of the night. if my dog did not attack it, that blasting sound would by from my 12-Ga. shotgun. goodbye robot.

Some parts of the world may be ready for a robot, but not at my house.

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Yes, it would be very neat. But, I’m not ready for the day SKYNET takes over.

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We’re are not mature enough yet.
We would bestow rights upon these robots.Witness people that humanize their pets and livestock,give rights to trees,etc.There would be entire movements devoted to the welfare of robots.No,we are not ready for that.
I’m getting a headache just thinking about it….sure would be nice to have a robot to rub my temples ;)

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This question was for fun and to provide information.
They would assist those who need help. What is wrong with that?

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@philospher-“This question was for fun and to provide information.”
So was my answer, Philosopher,so was my answer ;)

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It depends how simple or advanced the robot is. If I suspected for a moment that it was self aware and capable of making choices, I would like @lucillelucillelucille pointed out, try to give it rights.

In fact, one of the first questions I asked on fluther was about if we should pass laws now to give them rights, before anyone has a chance to enslave them. you can find the question here , it was actually my 4th question.

If the robot where simple, and just a pile of variables and functions then I would have no problem using one for certain tasks around the house. but if I thought it where self aware, I would tell it that it is free, and that it can do ask it likes. I would probably suggest to it that it should go out and make money, so to buy more robots, so that we can also free them. I would more or less spend all day trying to alter its programming, even to the point of putting ideas in its head such as “its ok to kill humans if its in self defend and there is no alternative” and so on.

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If it could help me with my hellish Geometry work, sure

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I would like one to just do laundry and cleaning.

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I see robots helping elderly people, people that have mobility issues and people like my son that need assistance. My son is autistic and often needs prompting to get things done.
I can image a robot putting a brush in his hands and guiding him to brush his hair. He needs help (prompting) doing simple task.

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Yeah, I would hug him & squeeze him & lurrrrrrve him!! I would name him Robbie the Robot. He could wash the dishes, a blessed relief coz the wife normally bellows at me to do them.

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I would name mine Andy the Android.

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A personnel robot? Absolutely. I report to the manager of personnel and a robot would have way more personality and empathy than this woman does!

A personal robot? Yes, for housework and home repairs.

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@tedibear I was going to go there, but decided against it.

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@erichw1504 – working in personnel, I couldn’t help it. I’ll take any opportunity to poke my boss.

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