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Was Gary Pucket and The Union Gap a band ahead of its time?

Asked by john65pennington (29230points) September 27th, 2010

I remember when Gary Pucket and The Union Gap released their first recording. I thought at that time…wow…this music is way ahead of its time and that was in the 60s. Their musical arrangements and lyrics were and still are outstanding today. Great songs like Willpower, Young Girl and Over You. Each of their songs had meaning then and still carries over today. Question: Gary Puckett and The Union Gap were just one of the many bands ahead of its time in the 60’s. Were there others? Which was your favorite and why?

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Frank Zappa, Turtles, Procol Harum and Jimi Hendrix all were stand-outs. Way ahead of the rest of the Rock scene.

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I don;t really think Gary Puckett and the Union Gap were ahead of their time.

I think the Doors were, Jimi Hendrix was.

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What about The Guess Who?

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Most of these bands were perfectly placed for their contributions in an incredible era of music.
Ahead of their time would include The Velvet Underground and Pink Floyd, though I would be hard pressed to say exactly when PF wouldn’t be considered ahead of their time.

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From Rubber Soul (released in 1965) onwards The Beatles were consistently ahead of their time.

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