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Does this sound like symptoms of IBS?

Asked by tan235 (877points) September 27th, 2010

sorry gross question coming up.
so i thought i had something bad going on in my colon so got a poop test for blood which came back negative, im 30.
But it seems that my bowels and tummy still are not right.
some days everything is fine then the next day i’m popping tums and pooping flat and big within half an hour of each other.
It seems very dependent on what i eat but is driving me crazy as it seems i can’t eat anything!
does this sound like IBS to IBS sufferers?


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sounds like IBS. Are you stressed out at all? Do you drink coffee? Olestra?

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i’m mega stressed, i’ve changed my whole life and yeah coffee makes it worse, but i’m addicted… although it’s only one a day!

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Try avoiding all milk products.

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If you haven’t already, I would get checked out for inflamatory bowel disease (IBD).
Also start keeping a food and symptoms diary as the type of food that can cause problems for IBS sufferers is wide and varied. For example some people find eating fibre causes the symptoms to get worse while others find it makes things better. Some people find avoiding coffee helps, some don’t. Some find wheat makes it worse, some don’t. If you keep a diary of what you eat and how it effects you, it will be much easier to work out what you should cut out.

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have you been on any antibiotics or other meds recently? My ex-wife killed all the flora in her gut and had the same cycle. You might consider live culture yogurt or probiotic yogurts, or Acidophilus milk. But stop immediately if your body has a negative reaction!.

I agree with @Lightlyseared a food diary is important to see what might be triggers. If you have a wheat allergy, wheat is used in tons of products as a binder.

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IBS is basically a diagnosis when they don’t find anything else. For almost seven years I had to run to the bathroom within 25 minutes of eating dairy. Then I went on some mega antibiotics for something unrelated and also took a bunch of acidophilous, and I don’t know if it was the antibiotics or the acidipholous, but my supposed lactose intolerance disappeared. I personally think it was the antibiotics that helped, which might be counterintuitive, but some of the meds I took were the ones that treat problems created by other antibiotics, if you can follow that.

Anyway, I would suggest eliminating dairy completely for a week and then have a glass of milk or eat a couple slices of pizza and see what happens. Also, maybe try taking the acidophulous/lactobicilli pills. Lastly, if the diary is aggravating lactaid should help.

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