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What is one reason to be cheerful about the day you've had so far?

Asked by ucme (46460points) September 27th, 2010

Something, anything that is of a positive nature which has occured since you woke up this morning. However small & maybe insignificant as long as it’s got a good vibe then it’s in.Think of it as a kind of zip-a-dee doo-dah thread type thingy:¬)

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I have a decent apartment, there’s food in it, and there’s clean water in it as well.

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I went to the store and bought two gallons of juice and garbage bags. I am set for awhile. YeYah!

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I’m starting a new book that I’ve been very excited about reading.

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I finally went to pick up my daughter’s new glasses. She’s been pestering me about it for a while, but I haven’t had the car with enough time to do it until now. I am looking forward to seeing her happiness. Or hearing it. She’ll probably call in a few minutes.

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I went for a nice run this morning. It was peaceful and scenic.

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I got to chat online with a dear friend who lives overseas. She’s been down, but she’s cheerful today. It lifted my spirits, too.

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Some hours ago i booked a ticket for next monday, to fly to Greece, to my girlfriend.

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I don’t feel sick anymore! Yay!
That and I finally have my idea straight to make a pair of boobs for a fireman.It’s for a breast cancer benefit;)

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There was a few Cedar Waxwings in the trees outside work this morning…seeing them makes me smile!

Glad to hear you are feeling better @lucillelucillelucille

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I’ve completed over 7 tickets already! I’ve helped a coworker with a task. Our servers haven’t had a meltdown yet. Overall a stress-free work day (so far).

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Lucille is feeling better! And I filled all the bird feeders yesterday and it was bird city this morning.
(Sorry I had you coming after the birds:))

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All those home remedies we suggested… Miracle Jelly Cure! Yay!

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@Adirondackwannabe -Thank you! I just don’t want to be under the birds.That would make me unhappy XD
@ JilltheTooth-Yes,I did try alot of them and they helped!except the whiskey suggestions-didn’t do that!

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I finished some writing I was working on, and I have a ticket to see the 2nd episode of Broadway Empire on a big screen with a panel discussion afterward with some of the people involved.

Reasons to Be Cheerful”, yay!

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It rained significantly, and the land around here really needed it.

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I fed some squirrels nuts, by hand. They’re adorable and that always makes me smile.

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Now that’s what I like to see. GA’s all round & not a flicker of a bicker in sight. Lovely Jubbly!! :¬)

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My babies gave each a big hug. That might have been yesterday, though…ah well, it carried over.

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Falls here, its my fave time of year, I live in New England and the leaves are starting to turn and fall. I went out side and stomped around in a leaf pile with my 3 year old niece, she giggled, it made me giggle and im still smiling :))

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I spent 2 hours chatting with a friend online this morning. It was very nice.

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It was chilly this morning when I woke up—high 50’s. I do love the arrival of autumn.

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@Austinlad nothing beats feeling the warmth of the sun and a crisp cool breeze at the same time.

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I phoned in sick to work this morning and my manager reminded me that today was my day off anyway. I blame not having slept even a minute last night. >.<

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I went to my first counseling session. I dug my therapist and felt okay about the whole thing, so, that’s good.

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After a somewhat challenging weekend I had a good talk with someone who means an awful lot to me. I also found out that I have the best 169 friends on facebook.

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My mom was still sweet that my bf and I brought her flowers. She spoils the hell out of us, cooks most of our meals and cleans the house.

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@Neizvestnaya ; will she adopt me, please? I’m a good daughter…

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@JilltheTooth: Ha ha. We have to turn her loose next year to go back home and spoil my sister. She will be missed, my bf’s not wild about my cooking.

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I got an A on my first stats test and a perfect score on my homework. Yay me!

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@tinyfaery : Yay you, indeed!

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Spent good time talking to a friend.

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I get to have my two toddler grandsons another week, since my son’s house is now filled with the items they brought back from Nana’s storage. The four adults there are exhausted, and I get to play with the boys all week.

My second oldest adult grandson is settling in good, and has already helped a lot with things I’ve needed done for awhile.

Our van had to go to the shop yet again for the same security lock issue, and is fixed – again. I hope so.

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I’m on vacation! (And I got my delayed tax refund and birthday money, which makes for an even better time.)

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Wonderful day. 73 degrees, blue skies, new 63” Samsung tv and crab/lobster at a restaurant. Weeeee!!! AND I got to sample the new 3D televisions. They are fantastic; trust me. PM me w/any questions lol

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