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Who or what, in your opinion, should deservedly claim the title "King of the jungle"?

Asked by ucme (46449points) September 27th, 2010

Yeah, whether it be your genuine undisputed lion. Or maybe this shy retiring fella has your vote. Why you may even favour King Kong or perhaps George….George….George of the jungle floats your boat. So in a contest to find your idea of the true “King of the jungle”, just who, or indeed what should rightfully claim that honour? You decide, this is genuinely earth shattering in it’s conclusion so, think carefully & vote with your head if not your heart!

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It’s definitely George.

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@FutureMemory Yeah the cowardly fop ranks high on my list too.

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Of the non-humans—the elephant. Elsewise, the human. Or some kind of giant tree chopping machine.

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Humans can go anywhere, as long as we have guns…

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I’ve got to go with something of the insect variety on this one. They outnumber we mammals by a gazillion to one and can survive darned near anywhere.

My vote, the ant.

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The trees themselves. That’s profound, mannn.

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The elephant.

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Well, since neither elephants nor lions actually live in jungles (they both prefer open savannah) I will have to go with the jaguar No not that one. This one

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@DrasticDreamer Yeah you really went out on a limb with that one

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The one true King of the Jungle. Tony Blackburn .
Not sure who those other two blokes are,though.

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@lloydbird with the fluffy hair, George Michael (at the time, singer with Wham) and with the quiff, Morrissey (singer from The Smiths). This must have been around 1982. I don’t remember the name of the other presenter in the blue shirt but I think he was a Radio 1 DJ.

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Currently not one in my opinion.

Steve Irwin was the last.
Marlin Perkins held the title before him.

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LIONS! I love lions. Second could be tigers.

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@ucme ; Damn, you really got your silly on today!

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Thanks @downtide , but I was being ironic. You know?...., I’m thinking of givin up this ‘irony’ lark.

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The tsetse fly. For many years it was the chief impediment to African habitat destruction. The mosquito could also fill the spot.

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@downtide In fact, elephants do inhabit tropical forests. Both African and Indian elephants do so.

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The Tiger. I love Tigers!

The most majestic big cats.

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Lucille and her 4 foot penis…I mean Garrand! Either way be afraid…very afraid! ;)

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Cruiser and his 50 year old boobs! XD

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@JilltheTooth Just today? Now that is silly :¬) @Cruiser & @lucillelucillelucille (so good they named her thrice) Hmm, with all this 4 foot penis & 50yr old boobs flopping around the jungle, i’m thinking it’s either King Kong or possibly Mickey Rooney who gets your vote :¬)

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@lucillelucillelucille I keep calling out the litle fella on here, mainly because i’m amazed he’s still above ground. Okay just a little bit above but alive & kicking nontheless :¬)

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The King of King is a cockroach. When we die , blow ourselves up. The cockroach will survive. Haven’t you seen Wall-E? I hate them but it’s true.

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