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What are some good websites for Arabic grammar?

Asked by global_nomad (1906points) September 27th, 2010

Specifically sites dealing with voweling or case marking (الإعراب). Or better yet, a site with some voweling exercises for me to complete. I’ve been taught this in class, it’s just that I feel I grasp the concept better by reading about it rather than hearing it.

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I really like it’s like a community for learning new languages. You can take lessons and then submit your speech and writing samples for review by people who natively speak the language you are trying to learn.

Presently I am learning Farsi and the site has been a great benefit to me.

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@mrlaconic Thanks, I do believe I have an account there. Though I always forget about it.

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Hi, I’ve been using and they have done a few mp3 and video podcasts on grammar, I think you’ll find them useful

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