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What shall I do with a quantity of Pippins just off the tree?

Asked by Jeruba (51542points) September 27th, 2010

The apples are fresh, firm, and tart, though not as much so as they might be if we lived in a colder region. I’d like to bake something with them and not leave them all to the opossums and the yard waste collection. There are too many just to eat.

I can’t overdo the sugar, so no full-strength syrupy pies or tooth-aching cobblers for me. In fact, something a little diet-conscious would be best.

What would you do with a basket of fresh green Pippins?

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Applesauce or apple butter.

The apple butter needs sugar, but you can use it in small enough quantities so the sugar should not be too much of an issue.

There are applesauce recipes that add no sugar.

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I would offer them all to my neighbors and then go inside and write short story entitled A Quantity of Pippins. :-)

Edit: Ok, a real answer. Baked apples. Simple, good and you can use as much or as little sugar as you want.

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Host a Pippin Party for friends and neighbors! Give the apples to the guests beforehand and ask them to make and bring their favorite apple concoctions. You could sample some and dontate the rest to the homeless.

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I agree with @WestRiverrat about the applesauce. It is easy to make with no added sugar and delicious.

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Bake them with cider, raisins and cinnamon, and a sprinkling of brown/unrefined sugar. Serve with custard. Yum.

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Dried apples are a fantastic snack and keep for a long time.

I have made a delightful dessert with light ice cream, tortillas, apples, cinnamon, and just a bit of butter and sugar (sugar substitutes work just as well if you are looking for less calories and don’t mind using them). I slice the apples, and cook them in a tad of butter with cinnamon and sugar. I bake the tortillas with cinnamon on top to get them crunchy. Then I fill a bowl with a small scoop of the ice cream, some of the apple stuff, and a wedge of tortilla.

I sometimes put bite-sized bits of apple in salads as well, especially when the salad is a meal.

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Applesauce and baked apples get my vote too.

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Dry them, then you can use them in all kinds of things. I baked 15 fruitcakes a few weeks ago, using primarily dried fruit from our WA orchard. Not much sugar in those, but they are getting a fair bit of rum from twice-weekly applications :>)

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Sliced and dipped in caramel.

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