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Small dog swallowed small chicken bone-now what?

Asked by redhen4 (520points) September 27th, 2010

My doxi/chi mix dog grabbed a piece of chicken that was attached to a 1–½” x 1/8” bone. Swallowed it whole. Been 4 days now. Is it possible he’s passed it, or is it still inside him? He still acts ok.

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You should have been searching his poop. He is digesting it hopefully. Did it have a sharp end?

To make sure, you would have to take him to the Vet and have x-rays done. If it was me I would watch for other symptoms before doing that,

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Dogs can easily digest bones. The critical part with chicken bone is the swallowing process. When it’s in the stomach, there is no point to worry.

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If there is a blockage problem, you likely would have seen vomiting/diarrhea and inability to keep down food or water. If your little guy is behaving normally, has a healthy appetite and regular activity level, he got away with it this time.

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If its been 4 days and he’s still eating and pooping normally then he’s fine.

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You didn’t say if it was raw or cooked, raw chicken bones are fine, cooked can be problematic. Although there are lots of dogs in this world who live on a steady of anything they can forage including cooked bones. The main thing is that if 4 days have passed with no sign of trouble, it has been digested and is now fertilizing your lawn.

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I think your dog will be fine. It’s the swallowing part that is most dangerous to them cause they can easily choke on the small bones.

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