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Question of the Day/Month?

Asked by spendy (1446points) March 29th, 2008

Does Flurther have a highlighted question of the Day/Month? What would this process take? This would be pretty cool.

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Flurther? Hm. Never heard of it. I’ve heard of fluther, but… that’s probably not what you’re talking about.

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Not that I know of. It would be easy to code if someone could decide on the criteria.

Most responses? Most “Great Questions”? Most total points?

Use this link to ask..
They are really good about listening to us.

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My bad…just typing a littel too fats…oopsie, there it goes agian. :) haha

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“Great Question!”

JP is right about Ben, Andrew, and Erik listening, I mean we got the “lurve” now. You should hit his link!

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K…done. I’ve passed along the suggestion…we’ll see what happens! I also passed along the fact that Ben, Andrew + Eric are great about listening (as per the responses of seasoned flutherers, as I am totally new to this place and would know nothing yet about their great ability to listen). :)

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