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How do you legally raise money in a short amount of time?

Asked by charliecompany34 (7785points) September 27th, 2010

ok, so you have a goal to reach by february 2011, but the lottery is too “chancy” and the casino move is just as unlikely. ok, and we’re not robbing a bank or a 7–11 either.

when you were in a pinch for money outside your regular work earnings (including doing overtime), what “legal” fund-raising tactics do you/did you resort to?

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Cut back on expenses, take in a house-mate, get a second job, take out a loan, ask a friend or family member for a a loan with a business plan on how you could pay them back and stick to it. You could always take the Anna Nicole Smith approach and seek out a very rich partner who will support you.

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Go to Amsterdam and sell your body or pot.

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Sell something of value. If the cash is the main thing and not the profit, I’d sell at a loss if necessary in order to turn the asset liquid.

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I moved into my mothers basement suite we lend give each other cash as needed

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Sell my car and take the bus
Take a loan on my insurance policy
Take out a second mortgage
Cash in my 401K

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Ask your grandma, that’s what my grandsons do.

Sell everything I own, which is only good for a couple of hundred, since I only buy used.

Get a second job.

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