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Can I join the U.S. Military even though I have a non-violent felony?

Asked by mrmijunte (1159points) September 27th, 2010

Back in 2003 I was sent to federal prison on a drug charge, I just finished my supervised release ( probation ) and I always wanted to join the military, the Navy to be precise. I took the asvab back in 2002 and scored a 73, but because of some poor choices I did not join. I’m 27 now, is it possible?

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It is possible. It won’t be easy, and you may have to get your record expunged first, but it is possible.

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Nothing ventured nothing gained. Don’t hesitate to give it a go. If you have all other good qualities and are physically fit and have other skills they most likely will wave your one negative aspect.

I was 26 when I went to Army basic training. The others recruits were around 18 and they called me “the old man”. HA! The drill sergeants right away made me “senior squad leader” because I was old and had a BA degree. But that was a couple of lifetimes ago back in 1977.

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It depends. I know a few people in the Navy who had to get their recruiters to sweep some nasty shit under the rug. Of course, most of them were Nukes (ASVAB scores of 90+) which are hard to find.

Your score may be high enough for them to extend you the same courtesy they showed my classmate who racked up an 18-hour phone call (back in the days of dial-up) to Germany on someone else’s bill to hack into a system overseas and nab some pre-release software. Given the number of laws he broke just on that adventure, I think you have a chance.

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I think you should try and see what they say. Just be totally upfront from the beginning.

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Thnx for all the answers, then I will sure give it a try, nothing to lose

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@mrmijunte Good luck. My son’s a 1st Lt. in the Army Infantry. He commented recently that they are either helping volunteers get records cleaned or waiving them through in quite a few cases now because they really need people. Talk to a recruiter. Even if they can’t help, they will treat you with respect for trying.

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You can also refuse to join the military as recommended by Zeitgeist Addendum (watch on Google Video)

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As a citizen of the world, @mrmijunte, and also as a 27-year-old just like you, let me first thank you for your dedication and willingness to serve a higher cause. Yet, I ask you to be cautious about what path you wanna take your life into, as like I said in my previous message, I believe boycotting structures like the military is essential.

Never forget that if there was a surplus of people willing to join the military these days, people would not be so well treated. That just goes to show how it works. Please don’t go military. I don’t want to upset or even criticize former military members. But the world needs you to realize what’s behind the curtain.

The global finance cartels are funding both sides of nearly all wars. Everything’s become smoother with Obama, but please allow me to say (and I’m European, a friend anyway) that the US is still massively under a propaganda meant to erode American liberties under false pretense. Please watch Zeitgeist Addendum, and also the first Zeitgeist if you can. I’m very skeptical of conspiracy theories and I like to do further research when I watch a documentary like this one. Zeitgeist wins my seal of approval… thank you for your consideration.

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There is a possibility. I know someone who is a former gang member join the military. He informed the recruiter and he said as long as hey is not an active member its okay lol. You know there are some recruiters trying to make that quota so give it a shot.

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