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Recommendation for a great divorce lawyer in SoCal?

Asked by St.George (5855points) September 27th, 2010

Area: From Pasadena in the west, South to Huntington Beach and east to Fontana. My friend is getting taken advantage of by her spouse, and needs an attorney that will fight the good fight for her. If it matters, he cheated, and has left her with nothing in the interim.

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While I understand the idea of going to court when someone has been cheated on and left with nothing, a recent experience has shown me that the only people who get anything from a divorce are the attorneys, unless there is a great deal of money at stake (millions of dollars for example). So, I would recommend letting it go. In the case that I was viewer of, the lawyer for the injured party said all attorneys fees would be paid back (a complete lie), and extended and extended trial dates, which meant that child support for almost a year was nil (and will not be paid back). Meanwhile, since the judge had indicated certain directions right from the beginning, the things that the lawyer spent thousands of dollars working on were useless, since the judge just went with what she indicated.
In addition, the promised cost of the trial was 10K which ballooned into 90K—far more than any money in play between the two parties. It was awful on every level, and nothing good came of it. In this case, there was no choice but to go to court, since one of the parties would not settle at all, but if this is at all avoidable, I would do what I could to encourage the two sides to settle. If not, ask the lawyer monthly what the charges he is making, pay attention to every charge, and don’t let things go. It’s so unfortunate that people have to spend so much on attorneys. When you think about cheating, it seems mild compared to the destruction the lawyer can do.

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Look in the yellow pages. There are soo many to choose from.

What sucks about divorce in California is the time it takes, becoming expensive.
Usually the one with more money gets the power and control (manipulation).

It averages around 2 years. And, they make to go to marriage counseling. Miss one court date, make one error in filing and you are back to square one.

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