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How do film directors film shots where the person is looking into a mirror, but the camera is not shown?

Asked by troubleinharlem (7978points) September 27th, 2010

I’ve always wondered about this.
How is it that I can’t see the camera when it is a mirror only shot?

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It’s at an angle to the side.

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@iamthemob : Even when its a direct shot where the person is looking straight into the mirror?

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Yes, shooting the shot at an angle is the simplest way.

Angle of Incidence

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They can also use a lot of CGI tricks.

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And with computers and a stationary background it is super easy to delete the camera. Take a picture and plop it in as a background replacing where the camera was.

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When I was a young kid I could never understand why, if you looked in a mirror in the TV screen, you couldn’t see your own reflection.

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Maybe what they’re filming is not a mirror but a transparent glass or even just a frame with everything happening behind without even a glass?

I think I saw the making-of of an advert of a camera that did exactly that. Well, not exactly that. But it seemed like the person filming itself on the mirror, was holding a transparent camera on its reflection. Actually, it was someone else, on the other side of a frame (no wall behind the frame, of course)

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