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How long does it take for a cavity to occur?

Asked by mivyj (35points) September 27th, 2010

My mouth was hurting and it made me wonder about how long it takes for your white tooth to turn black or the cavity color. Does it happen overnight, or over a week?

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It definitely doesn’t happen overnight, and you frequently can’t even see cavities – unless your tooth is so far rotted that you need an immediate root canal. If you’re experiencing pain in a tooth or teeth, make a dentist appointment. Once there, they generally take an x-ray of your mouth to see how far the cavity has progressed – and then they decide what to do from there.

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To get to where its black takes a long time. Years probably. I had one when i was little because i hated brushing my teeth so much but i think they’re rare because its hard for someone to go that long without realizing they have a toothache. I believe it would take years. Don’t let it happen. Its not worth it to have a root canal. They are expensive and unpleasant, so just go now!

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You can speed the cavity process by drinking juices that are high in acid, like orange juice.

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My dentist told me I had a potential cavity. He told me it’s too early to drill, suggesting I’ll be back in about six months to check it again.

But then I have very good tooth quality so it might take less.

But if your mouth hurts, it does not mean a cavity occurs. I sometimes have painful feelings in my back teeth after eating very sour food. The dentist told me it’s not a cavity, or even a cavity forming.

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As soon as you want one, I positively, without question, believe it is all in the head. LOL

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