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Hi, my husband and I want to get new phones from AT&T.. How expensive is it to get the iPhone for me and another brand for him?

Asked by 2late2be (2289points) March 29th, 2008 from iPhone

btw I’m on an itouch, I want the iPhone but he doesn’t, how much does it costs to have family plan? Will I be able to have unlimited messages and wifi Internet? And, what do we need to get approved??

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Just wait for a little while. Apple likes to release their products not as good as the can be so the can make more money by selling their “upgrades”.

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well actually there is a way to so call cheat the system do not buy the iphone from ebay or amazon or something find a mac store there is one in Baltimore
maryland called absolute mac. But I’m sure that there are some everywhere. Anyway these stores buy the older Iphone 4g and lower the price! Just make sure what your buying is in the box and hasn’t been removed. Another way to save money is if anyone in your family works in the goverment have them sign for
the plan and then apple might give you a discount.giverment

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yes you can get iPhone and he can get another phone. You can get unlimited email, wifi, and choose different amounts of text all the way to unlimited for more money on your iPhone. With the family plan you can share your minutes. There are numerous packages to pick from.

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