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What are some easy remedies to kill stink bugs?

Asked by ladyv900 (713points) September 27th, 2010

I read that using rubbing alchohol,dish soap,vegatable oil kills them but doesn’t give me enough information on what to do with these thing and I don’t know either to mix all of these things up or not.What are some easy remedies because I’ve tried using insect repellent and that doesn’t do anything.And I have fly stickers but they’re not going on them at all.And it’s just flying around way too fast making very loud noises so I can’t sleep :-(.

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There seems to be quite the stink bug problem going around these days. This article was in our local paper yesterday. A few helpful hints, at least, hopefully. I’ve seen a few around here but nothing even close to “biblical” proportions. I have a bigger problem with the hideous, horrible camel crickets in my house.

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Fly swatter or shoe.

Non-toxic, quick, humane, there ya go.

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I second the fly swatter. At night turn on a light source that can take a little pressure. If they’re like most bugs, they will be attracted to it. Then SWAT.

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I would love to but unfortunately if I do that old fashioned way, once they’re smashed, more of them will come just because of the smell it will expose.Ugh, I’m suffering here :-( I’d rather deal with dogs barking than this very loud buzzing stuff and the scent it passes on.

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OK, well instead of smacking them then, attract them to the light, and use a vacuum hose?! just a thought.

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Bug spray.

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If the “stink bugs” are flying around inside of your house then you could buy or construct a butterfly-like net on a sturdy stick and easily capture the stink bugs while they are in-flight. This technique would capture them unharmed and so they will be less likely to release their smelly chemicals. Once you have captures the stink bugs, simply release them outside where they belong and everyone is happy again.

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