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Do penquins have knees?

Asked by spendy (1446points) March 29th, 2008

This should be a pretty easy question…but the more I think about it, the less sure I am.

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I guess that means they only get “cold feet”... :) Thanks! But seriously, could you imagine if their knees weren’t concealed by feathers? How weird would that look? HA

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I just searched another revolutionary website for this question. Google. You should check it out sometime. They do have knees. Let’s try that before going on here and wasting people’s time.

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@ dpena – I would venture to say your response is rather harsh…and I didn’t ask you to reply to my question. That was your choice. And in my defense, take a look through some of the other questions. Almost all of them could be looked up elsewhere: “Is a bug an animal?”, “Why are bananas yellow?”. If you feel you’re wasting your time by answering, then don’t.

Someone have a spare soap box?

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Wow cranky, you didn’t have to answer it.

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Thank you babirurtle!

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Im glad simple questions like that are asked on here. Its something I didn’t know and didn’t even think of to ask. But thats just me.

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Excellent point babirurtle36! I like your style!

spendywatson don’t let dpena2009 get to you. I was happy to give you the link. Even though I found your answer easily with google, I agree with babirurtle-That’s something I probably would have never thought of.

That’s why I love fluther – thinking outside of your normal thought patterns!

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Thanks again! And don’t worry…I’m not easy to get to. dpena would need detailed directions, much like anyone else. :) I just found this site tonight…still glad I did.

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@dpena, aren’t you the grumpypus?

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It was a joke!!! Geez!!! Ok, I guess it was a bit harsh… The last part… I was just sayin’...

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I think this is an awesome question. I would never have thought about whether a penguin has knees myself, but when I saw the question I thought, “Cool, I want to know that,” so I clicked on it. So maybe some of the questions that can be googled are actually fun to post if they’re intriguing and playful.

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