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When they're playing a film on a tv station like HBO what type of medium do they use?

Asked by Illuminat3d (183points) September 27th, 2010

Do they use film rolls like in the theaters,or DVDs/Blu-rays.Sometimes they would play an old film in HD that’s not out on blu-ray yet.

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Not too long ago, they were using cassettes, often Betamax. That was back when DVDs were still fairly novel. Nowadays, it’s probably a mix of cassettes, DVDs, and HDDs.
Rolls of film would only produce an image, and would need a projector behind them.

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I work in commercial production at a local station, and we use MPEG2

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@stratman37 But what medium? Do you just pull the mpegs from the computer, or do you use optical disks?

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master control plays ‘em from a server.

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