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Senior Class (2011) shirt designs?

Asked by smile1 (493points) September 27th, 2010

I need to design senior class shirts for my graduating class of 2011!

Any good ideas?

Ps. Our class color is Yellow.

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How big is your class? Is there a song everyone really loves across the board? That’s usually a good starting point.

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Its a regular public high school…Im not quite sure how many of us there are!!

My class has shirts, but the design they have planned sucks A LOT.

So my friends and i are thinking to buy some yellow shirts, and some fabric paint to make our own!

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Oh I see! Cute idea. Think about the things that you all say and love…funny or sentimental.

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I have some super cliche ideas…but…

Senior right here back: Feel free to bow.

Trust me, Im a senior

class of 2011.. we’re so great we’re #1 twice”

Are we there yet? Class of 2011

We’re outa here. Class of 2011

I want something original though!

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do you have a school icon? Where are you from?

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Damn. If you were graduating in 2012 you could make an apocalypse joke.

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Go have a look at the awesome tshirts on etsy to get ideas and inspiration.

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2008 is grown and gone.
2009 will party on.
2010 will think their cool, but
2011 will always rule

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@chocolatechip actually, you could probably say something like “the last and final class to graduate”

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