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Do jellyfish actually fluther?

Asked by amandaahoch (30points) March 29th, 2008

just out of curiosity, how do you get fluther out of a jellyfish movement? don’t they just like…drift? lol

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“A fluther is a group of jellyfish, like a gaggle of geese (or a taint of tilapia).” (from the What is Fluther? page)

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Fluther refers to a group of jellyfish, not their movement.

A fluther of jellyfish, but also called a “smack” of jellyfish.

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depends on how one sees and uses the word flutter. And fluther is a group of jellies. But from looking at the other comments, you probably already knew that.

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I wonder who thought to name a site after a group of jellyfish, ahah.

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@amandaafoote- Ben

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@bulbatron ahaha, well Ben is pretty clever

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does anyone here know that according to amanda foote [seenabove] uses the plural word ‘moosi’ for a pack of moose.. hahah

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@amandaahoch -It should be the plural form of moose, or meese. example: Goose-Geese :D

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Do you mean a “Heard of Moose”?

I am pretty sure that Moose is the plural of Moose, like Deer is plural for Deer.

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@bulbatron- I know that’s what the real form of it is, but I don’t think it should be. Like goose changing to geese, why not moose to meese? hahah, just one of my theories. (o:

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Meese makes me think of Sylvester the Cat saying “I hate meeses to pieces!”

amandaafoote that is pretty funny, and amandaahoch that isn’t a very nice thing to say about one of your friends. You two have a great night!


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Glad they went with…not sure would have gone over as well. :) ha

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Didn’t mean for that to be a link… whoops. Too bad the site’s down for maintenance, I got curious and clicked on it. Anyone know what it is?

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I clicked your link out of curiosity, too. I have no idea what it is.

They could’ve also went with a stuck of jellyfish or a smuth of jellyfish. I think fluther was the best choice.

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now I’m curious about what Amanda said that got removed…?

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@all: remember that there is a chat rooom; not everyone finds many answers, after the first five, on this thread riveting. Click on “blog” above.

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@trustinglife – she called me retarded haha

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@ gail – you’re so right! That’s a valid point. Lets all remember (also) that this wasn’t a terribly “riveting” question to begin with (@amandaahoch – nothing personal), as “fluther” wasn’t used properly. Just my opinion!

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