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Ladies, do/would you go out in public without a bra on? Would it make you uncomfortable?

Asked by deni (22660points) September 27th, 2010

I used to never see women without bras on in public. Then I moved to a more hippie town and now every once in a while I will notice. Today at work I was ringing a woman up for her gyro and I looked up and wam, boobs in my face. And nipples. Right out there in the open (Well, under a tank top…but they might as well have been). I have no problem with it if they don’t. But personally I don’t need the whole world seeing my nipples. And quite frankly I like my boobs better in a bra.

How do you feel, women of fluther? Do you go out bra-less? Why/why not? Does it depend on your boob size?

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I have a generous portion and tend to wear a bra unless what i am wearing demands otherwise. I’ve no problem walking about without one on, maybe if they weren’t pointing in the right direction i’d make sure they were supported.

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I have no issue with women not wearing a bra.. actually, I’m somewhat envious. I am too embarrassed and self-conscious to go out in public without one, though. My boobs are too big to get by on not wearing one, plus like you said, the world doesn’t need to see my nipples.

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I always wear a bra when I go out and it has nothing to do with my boob size. I don’t want people seeing my nipples either.

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I’ll just pop in this thread from time to time….....just to keep abreast of things.You know how it is! :¬)

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I can’t do that because THEY would drag along the sidewalk, people would stare in horror and I would feel like a freak show.

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I like to blend in a crowd and not stand out. Without my bra I would be too self conscious. Even my bathing suit has a built it bra.

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I often go braless. But when I do I usually wear an undershirt instead and then a regular button type shirt overtop. However, when it gets really hot then a tank top with nothing under is the go but only around the house. I am surprised to hear you all say you do not go braless, I thought it was rather commonplace.

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sneaks in, niiiiice :¬) sneaks back out again.

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I’m a member of the itty bitty titty committee so I could probably pull off never having to wear a bra, but I feel more comfortable wearing one anyway.

I don’t really like my boobs feeling all constricted, so I never wear one around the house and sometimes if it’s cool enough outside, I’ll throw on a sweatshirt and not wear anything underneath.

I own some foofy water bras and they push my mosquito bites up and make them bigger and all squishy anshit so I’ll always prefer to wear a bra in public.

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Man, we really got this boob thing going on here. This is the 3rd boob thread in 24 hours.
I always wear my bra, if I don’t I’m afraid someone will get hurt if I turn around suddenly or there’s a wind gust.

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Many times I have gone out without a bra and don’t care that people get upset about nipples.
I think it is strange that they do.

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I often go braless.

My breasts are an abnormal shape, and they just don’t make bras for people like me. I don’t care how nice the bra is, it’s uncomfortable, never sits in the right place, moves around… It’s very frustrating. Bra shopping invariably leaves me in tears.

So I don’t give a fiddler’s fart if anyone has a problem with it. If I want to be comfortable, bra-free is the way to be.

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I prefer not to. I get enough unwanted attention because of the size issue, so I’d rather not do anything to attract further notice. It’s also not physically comfortable, again because of size. When I was younger, before I had kids, I was able to do so, but not anymore.

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I try not to because this song gets sooo very stuck in my head! (some may find this NSFW)

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I sometimes don’t wear one, depending on the top that i’m wearing – some outfits just look more flattering with a bra on, others look fine without wearing one. I wouldn’t go bra-less if it meant that my nipples are on display though.

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sigh…..loving every minute of it!! :¬) When I see nipple action on a woman making it fairly obvious she’s “uncupped.” I think it’s none of my business, good for her. Oh apart from she looks like she may be smuggling M&M’s up there :¬)

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I have tiny boobs so it doesn’t really make much of a difference whether I wear a bra or not.

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I have a medium/small chest. I hate the way most bras feel and that they fasten in back. I go bra-less when I can – when my top hides the lack of a bra or when the circumstances are so casual that no one will get freaked out.

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this person should wear one

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I will go braless if i’m shopping on a Friday night or something and wearing a sweatshirt. I have C cups and they’re a little too big and bouncy to go braless under a tee shirt. Actually I wouldn’t mind, but i feel like it might offend some women (I feel like men may not mind, that’s just my opinion). Around the house I never, ever wear a bra. A bra is one of the first things I take off after my shoes and socks when I walk into the house.

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Still laughing from @liminal‘s song link… Ahem; having started my second half-century, the whole business of bras, boobs and health has become a new issue. I love my big boobs swinging free… Until I move about that is. So, whereas every evening (only at home) I would slip off my bra and enjoy tv, dinner or whatever flopsy and relaxed, now I wear a ‘comfort bra’ thingummy. Sort of crop-top type thing; soft enough to ignore, just about keeping the nipple-issue from public view. We are known as ‘heavy breasted’, apparently. I have a sister who has survived Breast Cancer, she too likes her boobs to hang free, but needs more support now!

Oh and in response to @lucillelucillelucille‘s comment that she doesn’t know why people become upset about nips, it’s simple. If you can see them, or if they appear ‘pert’ they can be perceived as a sexual signal. Not generally acceptable in public places in the ‘Western world’. No one cares where I live, in Cornwall though!

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^ Well, here’s the thing – there are a gazillion reasons ones nipples can become erect. It’s no more a definitive sexual signal than a hiccup.

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Fair comment, but I was talking about cultural norms. Besides, it’s an unconscious response, not especially a choice. Men, in particular, are aroused by base and common physical signs, including erect nipples. It’s no big deal, just part of being a mammal with a viewpoint.

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Going braless is great. This is only my third week, but I have gone out in public without a bra and it was okay. I plan to continue to go braless as it is my choice.

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