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Why do I pull on my dogs' ears?

Asked by Moxy (182points) September 28th, 2010

I have an urge to pull on my dogs’ ears with my hands. I dont know why I do this except that I have been bullied. Please help me to understand why I am doing this.

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I love to stroke my dog’s ears, they are like silk. She enjoys the attention. But ears are delicate so you must be gentle. Don’t use what has happened to you as an excuse to abuse your dog. Stroke its ears gently and learn to control yourself so that you will not become what you hated.

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Maybe because you think it’s cute? Is the impulse that involuntary?

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Be gentle with your dog and he will love you unconditionally. Don’t be the bully that people have been to you. You know how bad that feels. Do you want your dog to feel that way too? No, I don’t think you do. If you can’t stop yourself from hurting your dog, seek counseling. There is probably someone at your school (if you are in school) that you can talk to about this. It is important that you get these kind of tendancies under control now.

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Is it just your dog? Do you get this urge with other dogs? Or with babies?

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I love playing with my dog’s ears. I don’t pull them to the point where it hurts him. They just feel soft and he loves it and he relaxes. You know how bullying feels, so don’t do it to your dog. I agree with chyna

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Perhaps you should ask a psychologist. Preferably before you hurt your dog.

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This is known as Lyndon Johnson syndrome. President Lyndon Johnson famously pulled on his dogs’ ears for the cameras on several occasions.
The urge to pull dogs’ ears is usually followed by the need to drop bombs in Indochina.

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Well moxy what do you get out of it? Is it an unconscious urge to move the flexible ears around because of the way they feel or a primal alpha, “you’re my bitch” thing? If it’s more along the lines of the first one then maybe get some clay, sillypuddy, or other sculpting material and play with it. If it’s the second, maybe try some sort of physical activity like martial arts or wrestling or boxing to have that outlet.

But @Moxy, please qualify this a little more. In what manner do you pull, are you hurting the dog or just playing with it’s ears? Or is it the compulsion that you are talking about? You want to yank your dogs ears, what would you get out of it?

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Pull on your own ears and leave the dog alone!

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As Pink Floyd once sang…...“hey ! moxy leave them ears alone ! ”.

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