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Does the Reese's easter commercial bug anyone else?

Asked by amandaafoote (860points) March 29th, 2008

For some reason I can’t get over the fact that on the Reese’s commercial where there is a chocolate bunny, and peanut butter, they get an egg from them both? I know it’s a commerical, but I just wanted to see if it bugged anyone else, haha.

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nope, makes perfect sense to me =]

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Kinda cheesy…

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of course george takes your side hah

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@amandaahoch- was that being sarcastic or did you not get that he disagreed with me? ahaha :]

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sacasm my friend. a good tool of my trade =D

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@amandaahoch -you should learn how to use spell check ;] hahah

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most commercials these days bug me, they keep getting more and more stupid. But the ad agencies can’t argue with results.

I despise the “” commercial where the guy is in his car singing that damned jingle, but I remember it!

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