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What's your vice of choice?

Asked by palerider (1020points) September 28th, 2010

smoking, drinking, cheating, gambling, screwing, etc.

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I do not drink and i do not cheat, so i guess you could say that i am a smoking gambler that enjoys a roll in the hay, just like everyone else.

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Fuck if I know anymore.

It used to be food.

I guess I’m just going to have to become an alcoholic like the rest of my ancestors. ^_^

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Chocolate, Curry and SEX

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Oh crap, where to start. I smoke tobacco, I some weed, I smoke hash, I gamble, I spend way too long playing video games, and I eat way too much sweet stuff.

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puff puff ;)

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Good burgers and french fries, buying cook books, wasting time on the net when I should be working…..

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Coffee, coffee, coffee, coffee, coffee, coffee, coffee, coffee…......

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Musical instruments and sound reinforcement!

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Alcohol, books, internet.

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@Blackberry ; I just can’t think of books as a vice. Even insisting on owning excessive amounts of books. As I do

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@Deja_vu puff puff…loll me too!

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Oh i’m a good boy I am. You could say i’m a beginner at this. Yeah I’m a no-vice guy that’s it! :¬)

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I hate to admit it but it’s cigarettes… naughty I know!!

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@partyparty Say it isn’t so.
@BoBo Ditto
@Deja Vu, Also

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@JilltheTooth What if sometimes I want to read a book instead of having sex…

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@Adirondackwannabe I’ve quit more times than i care to count. It is a dirty, unhealthy, and expensive habit. Wish i knew the answer.

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@Blackberry ; Oh, so not going there!

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@JilltheTooth how many books do you have? Bet i’ve more! Are we on?

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@BoBo1946 I’d like a little of that action.

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@BoBo1946 : If you’re as ridiculous as I am about book acquisition, you may well have more. (You’re older than I am.) I’ve got somewhere in the neighborhood of 2000 (very rough estimate) now, more coming in all the time. Heaven forbid I should use the library!

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Just over 4500 last time I looked.

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@Adirondackwannabe ; You got me beat! (Does it count that I cull dramatically every few years?)

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@JilltheTooth wow…I lose to both….geezzz…Makes my 500+ look cheesy. Where do you put them all…i’ve one long wall full of books in my den…and others here and there.

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@JilltheTooth I never cull until they fall apart.
@BoBo1946 I have 4 full length bookshelves, double rows of books and books stacked on the top of book, books stacked on the floor.Thats one room. I have other bookshelves in the other rooms as well. They could do a Hoarders show on me and my books.

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Mine are everywhere. 6 big bookcases in the basement, 6 on the main floor, 5 upstairs. My mass markets are all doubled up on the shelves, then piled on top. Most surfaces are covered. Damn, I really have to cull again.
Edit: I give them to libraries, friends and used book stores when I cull, so they’re all still in circulation.

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@JilltheTooth that is them to libraries…

@Adirondackwannabe you should build another house behind your house…one for you and the family, and the other, your own personal library!

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Why do I have to pick just one? I like them all at different times.

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Food, including lots of chocolate.

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Of choice- Sex
Of convenience- Smoking

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I have a few.

buying antiques

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