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Which political party is least informed? And which one is most informed?

Asked by palerider (1020points) September 28th, 2010

tea party

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Most of the liberal city folks are in very poor physical condition while it’s often Republican voters who join the army.
Therefore I’m inclined to say Republicans are in better form than Democrats.

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No one party is more informed than the others. There are uninformed persons registered in each party, and plenty of unregistered and unaffiliated citizens who are just as clueless.

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A party is not a human thing. It has no mind. So no party could be any more informed than any other. And, as @muppetish says, the people inside parties run the gamut in terms of acquaintance with the issues.

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You can immediately write Democrats and Republicans off. They are generally not well informed at all. They exist to control each other, and that’s about it.

The most informed parties (judging by which has the most informed people) are the Green Party and Libertarian Party.

These parties do not agree on most issues, but they attract people who read quite a bit more than the average dumbass who registers into the party of his or her Dad, without any thought to it.

Both these parties knew of Bush’s PNAC conspiracy shortly after 9/11 occurred, whereas the Democrats and Republicans both bent over and spread wide for their Wartime Leader and his buddies in the Security Industrial Complex.

If you want an intelligent liberal, talk to a Green Party member.
If you want an intelligent conservative, talk to a Libertarian.

If you want an intelligent federally elected Democrat or Republican… well that’s like finding a needle in a haystack.

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there’s an informed political party?

i’d rather there be informed voters.

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The Tea Party is actually well-informed, but none of their information is accurate or truthful, so I would say that they are the least informed.

Independents generally have to sort through a lot of bullshit from both sides, and are capable of critical thinking as opposed to merely parroting the party line, so I would argue that they are the most informed.

The Republicrats and Democrans are generally so polarized that it has warped their brains to where they can’t even comprehend alternative viewpoints, so it’s safe to say that neither of those parties is well informed, and that any person who claims to be affiliated with either of them is either half-blind or is actually an Independent

As for “Other”, there are almost as many political parties as there are religions, and some of them are too small for anybody who knows anything about statistics to make any meaningful statements about the party as a whole (too small a sample size to adjust for anomalies) so that category is out unless you want to group them with the Independents.

@Discobitch Most of my shipmates were more liberal than I am, as were many of the Marines I served with. Of course, the other branches all derisively refer to the Army as where people who want to serve but don’t have the intelligence to be Navy or Air Force, or the balls to be a Marine wind up. Half-witted cowards…. sounds like a Republican to me!

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what misinformation or disinformation are the teapartiers espousing?

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I have to agree with @Kraigmo here. I think @iamthemob has a good point as well, voters need to be more informed than anything/one else.

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