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Clean my keyboard in the dishwasher or the bathtub?

Asked by RealEyesRealizeRealLies (30938points) September 28th, 2010

Two different friends say they clean their keyboards in either the dishwasher or by letting it soak in the bathtub. Obviously it must dry for a few days before plugging it in.

How do you clean your keyboard? Those white Mac keys get absolutely filthy looking.

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Just my opinion here, but washing your keyboard in the dishwasher of the bathtub should just about have it ready for the trash can. i would never do this, until i was prepared to purchase a new one.

Where did this idea come from?

Unplug your keyboard and pour a small amount of alcohol on a clean rag. wipe all the keys thoroughly. i use an artist brush to collect dust and lint down deep inside the keys. buy one at WalMart. wait for the alcohol to dissipate, plug back in and you are ready to go.

Alcohol is in, dishwasher and the bathtub are out, in this situation.

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If it’s so dirty it’s not functioning properly, I say give it a whack. Why not? A new keyboard is all of $10 a Walmart.

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Washing a keyboard in water—gosh, that’s the craziest idea I ever heard. Dump it if it’s so dirty and get a new one. Like @Seek_Kolinahr says, you can get ‘em really cheap. I, myself, have six of them stuffed in my closest.

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Remove the keys and soak them in soapy water. Put keys back.

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I hope you mean removing the keys and washing the keys in the dishwasher or bathtub.
If you’re not, then your friends are surely messing with you, that will destroy your keyboard.
What I do for my dirty mac keys is wipe them down with some Windex on a paper towel, even removing and cleaning them one at a time if I have to.

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It is possible to wash (turned-off) electronic equipment in pure alcohol.

Unless it contains chemo-electricial components or charged capacitors.

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There are cans of compressed air and a chemical to clean. You can buy these just about any place with a computer department. You just take the can and spray the keyboard and it blows out the dust and debri.

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If you sill coffee on your keyboard it shorts out. I can’t imagine washing it in the dishwasher. I buy some air cleaner. and damp towel give it a good wipe. Hmmm.

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When it stops working I throw it out.

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Try a pressure washer, or better yet throw it against the wall! They should all have relatively the same effect.

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I use my keyboard for about 8 to 10 hours a day, five days a week, and I eat lunch at my desk, too (just not over the keyboard—my life isn’t quite that depressing). When it gets dirty, and you can imagine that it does get dirty, then I turn it over and smack it against the desk a few times to get most of the crumbs and pebbles out of the spaces between keys, and sweep all of that into the wastebasket. If the remaining dust between the keys bothers me, then I blow that out with a can of compressed air sold for the purpose of cleaning keyboards and electronics. (And do that away from the desk, because it will raise a cloud of dust.)

My cheap keyboards last forever. When I drink, it’s away from (not over) the keyboard.

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I have washed mine in the dishwasher. Just don’t use soap and let it dry for a long time.

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Do you want your keyboard to beak?

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fire hose.

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i’d like that… just to imagine you in the outfit!

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