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How much does one kilogram of table salt cost?

Asked by business101 (17points) September 28th, 2010

I need to know the cost of a one kilogram package of table salt, in Canadian dollars.

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Well it is like anything else whatever you can get someone to pay for it. I always am amused by someone that says I have a coin and it is worth this amount of money. Well it is only worth that amount if you can get a collector to pay that amount.

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Well, at my local grocery, 3 pounds of table salt is $3.89 USD.
So, that’s 1.3608 kg for $4.09 CAD.
Which means at my store, you’re looking at $3.01 CAD for a kilogram of salt.

But my store is over 2200 km away from Canada. So I don’t think it’s very reasonable to buy salt there.
You might want to go to your local grocery store and see what it costs.

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Aman, well, i just need to know how much the grocery stores will think i will pay, so if i go there how much i would pay. However, i need to know to price out a recipe per serving, and dont have a car at the moment.
Sarcasm, thank you ! That still gives me a general price, which is all i need !

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@business101 If your local grocery store is a corporate operation rather than just a mom-and-pop thing, they should have a website that has information about prices.

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Unless you’re pricing the cost of institutional (that is “high volume”) food production, you’re not going to be using salt by the kilogram in any domestic cooking. So something that’s as cheap as salt is, in the quantities you’re likely to use it in any home cooking recipes, is going to be “lost in the noise”. That is, the slight variation in price from place to place and brand to brand of “salt” (a minor ingredient, for the most part) is going to be figured in pennies per serving.

Look to the actual prices of your main (and costly) ingredients, and then just throw in an estimated value for the cheap ones, and the cheap ones that are used in small quantities… like salt.

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