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What makes a man a man?

Asked by Frenchfry (7584points) September 28th, 2010

When a boy becomes a man what in your eyes is proof he is now a man? You could also reverse it and say what makes a girl a woman ? Is it age?or something they do?

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paying rent?

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i think it’s more about maturity and responsibility… not age.

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“I don’t need no make-up, I got real scars
I got hair on my chest, I look good without a shirt on”

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I know it sounds like a short answer, but that’s what I think it is.

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@Discobitch A Tom reference! That makes you pretty cool in my book.

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Responsibility, big kahunas & long trousers. In that order.

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A sense of accountability.

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According to Chuck Norris, he is the only real man.

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A real man treats all people like he likes to be treated. A real man accepts responsibility for his actions. A real man is consistent with his actions everyday. And, last…and maybe the most important one in a family situation, he knows how to manage money.

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Most men are responsible, good in bed, have big dicks. Are mature!!!

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Residency in the YMCA.

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A penis. A bigger penis.

Everything else is irrelevant.

There comes a point in life you are a man, prepared for it or not.

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Here we are, come to it a last. Let’s just lay them on the table, measure them, and be done with it.~

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@ChazMaz You must be a super man then.

Edit: I don’t actually know the size of his wing-wang, it was a joke.

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@Trillian Good idea… and don’t forget the microscopes!

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@erichw1504 – Not superman. Just a Man.

Last time I checked.

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Nothing. Otherwise, whatever he thinks a man is or whatever he thinks an adult is – or whatever his family and friends think both of these things are. It’s all quite arbitrary.

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The same ingredients are necessary for either sex to become an adult, mainly the ability to accept full responsibility for one’s own actions and behavior.

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Folks, I think we should use hearsay as the measurement mechanism, not rulers.

Think about it…..

Think about it….

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The size of his foot.

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wow..must be a full moon out today!

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“mainly the ability to accept full responsibility for one’s own actions and behavior.”

Even if that means going to jail.

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What is a man? Nothing but a miserable pile of secrets!

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When other people notice, I guess. My 18 year old son was on a bus when a boy said to his mother “What is the name of the book that man is reading?” Sonny looked around to see what man he meant, and the boy was pointing at him. He came home and said “I’m a man now”.

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loll pretty cool @YARNLADY !

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Yep, honesty, maturity, integrity.
A REAL man is the captain of his own ship, he has a code of honor and self conviction that is not swayed by company or circumstance.

Men follow themselves, boys follow other boys.

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@YARNLADY That’s awesome. It’s all about perception isn’t it?

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When it’s time to shave

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When you can be named an a paternity suit

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@josie Hehehehe! Good point.

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accepting responsibility.

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Being responsible for yourself and your actions.

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“When it’s time to shave”

Too funny.
Two of my friend were referred to as “the bearded boys”... In Jr. High.
Being capable and growing full beards. Ya knew who was buying the beers on the weekend. :-)

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