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Have you ever found anything in your food which really shouldn't be there?

Asked by partyparty (9157points) September 28th, 2010

I have just read this article about a company who were fined after a dead mouse was found in loaf of bread.

Have you ever found anything in your food which really shouldn’t be there?

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Mainly I have found hair that shouldn’t be there. I’ve never found a critter or body part.

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I found a hair on my bagel and it grossed me out. My husband wanted me to pull the hair off and just eat the damn thing. Umm, no.

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@chyna @bippee Yes hair in food seems to be quite common, but really awful don’t you think?

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Oh yeah, it just grosses me out. I can’t eat anymore after finding a hair.

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I don’t even want to think about this. Or read what anyone else says. I’m not following as of now, and trust me. You really don’t want to know what I found in my food!

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@wundayatta You know you really can’t resist telling us… we are waiting !!!

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Yeah I read about the mouse in the bread this morning. The wife nearly passed out when she saw it. I’ve never found anything in my food along those lines. However, I hate cabbage & not so long ago some of the foul stuff found it’s way onto my dinner plate. Without me knowing I actually ate a tiny piece. Nearly puked.

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A roach in my kung-pao once from take out in Va Beach. And a weird bug that I could not identify in a salad once in a restaurant in Progresso, Mexico.

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This will knock your socks off and it should be X-Rated. this answer is not for people with queezy stomachs or small children. continue at your own risk.

Meatloaf dinner at Cracker Barrel Restaurant. wife and i eat regularly at different Cracker Barrel Restaurants. we know the menu backwards and forward. its had been a long time since i ordered the meatloaf dinner, so i thought i would give it a shot. all was really great with the dinner, until i crunched down on something that felt like a piece of round rubber. i immediately grabbed a napkin and emptied my mouth. i was almost afraid to open the napkin, in order to view this strange object.

My wife said, “here, let me do that”. now comes the fun part. as she gradually unfolded the napkin, what should be staring her in the face????? a COW’S EYEBALL!!!!!!!!!!

She screamed and almost threw up. the eyeball had one chewmark from my teeth and just continued to stare at us. wife immediately called for the manager(he was young and new). he almost threw up himself and asked a waitress to “take it away”. the waitress had her own ideas about this and refused. can you blame her?

Anyway, we have retired this Cracker Barrel Restaurant from our popular places to eat and meatloaf will never be paid for by me, again.

Oh yes, that meal was free and also for our next visit. no thank you.

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Years ago I used to log a lot of local travel on the job. I usually stopped and grabbed some fruit or something to eat while driving. I was eating an apple one day while driving and tasted something funny. I looked down and found half of a worm in the apple. Gross!

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2nd Answer: Daytona Beach, Florida. wife and i had just married. went to this highly recommended seafood restaurant. ordered red snapper. it was great. their special of the day was fresh strawberry shortcake. we both ordered one. the very first spoonful of whipped cream disclosed a black pubic hair about two inches long. barfbag please. ruined our dinner. it was given to us free of charge.

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If JP ask you out to lunch don’t

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Once I ate some chinese food with black beans in it. It was good, until I realized that around every 5th blackbean I ate had tiny legs. Then I saw that they were actually small cockroaches. Then I stopped eating. No money back, because the food was free, since I was working there. We just laughed…

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Sliced strawberries in a lettuce/vegetable salad.

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Why is it always Chinese food that has issues?

Roaches and long dark hair.

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When I was a kid I would occasionally find my brother’s spoon in my dessert. Does that count?

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Hair. Cardboard. Small hard things that felt like it could have broken a tooth when i bit into it.

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When I was younger I was eating oven chips and whilst eating them I could smell a really horrible smell (like cow poo) my mum encouraged me to writte to the manufacturers and send them the chip they wrote back… Fertilizer on my frozen chips eww!

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@john65pennington Still trying to figure out how a pubic hair got in the food. Please, I was just musing out loud, no visual aids.

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@chyna and @john65pennington I’m wondering how it was identified as a pubic hair.

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WARNING: GROSS ALERT: My dad bit into a packaged turnover pie and saw maggots inside. He didn’t even spit out his bite, but threw the rest of the packages away.

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Pied Piper, you know and i know what a public hair looks like. right? i will not give a public description on Fluther.

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@ucme Don’t be such a wuss… you know it’s good for you LOLL
@Trillian Yuck a bug in a salad, there is no excuse for that!!
@john65pennington An EYEBALL!!! Oh that sounds absolutely awful. Did you get any explanation as to why an eyeball would be in your food? Hairs in food… no excuse… sloppy kitchen workers I think! don’t think I want my breakfast now!!
@Adirondackwannabe Yes I have heard about worms in apples, but thankfully I haven’t ever encountered one. did you finish the rest of your apple?
@Otto_King COCKROACHES in your food… I really couldn’t laugh at that!! No apologies either, that’s really awful
@Pied_Pfeffer That actually sounds quite nice to me I LOVE strawberries so I wouldn’t find that offensive… well not too offensive LOLL
@CyanoticWasp Yes my daughter has issues with using her spoon in other peoples food, so YES it does count, thanks
@NaturallyMe CARDBOARD oh yuck, how awful. Did you get a free meal or compensation for any of these meals?
@sakura FERTILIZER how could that possibly have got into your chips? Glad you were compensated for it :)
@YARNLADY MAGGOTS ewwwww were they still alive or had they been cooked? LOLL
@ChazMaz Yes I have heard many dreadful stories about Chinese food, don’t know why they have a bad reputation do you?

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@partyparty They were alive and wiggling.

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@YARNLADY Oh yuck… I can’t eat my toast and marmalade now!! :))))))

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@partyparty I already swallowed half a worm, do you think I’m going for the rest? That sucker went out the window immediately. I still eat apples, just not while driving. :)

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@partyparty I had the letter up until a few years ago when I cleared out a load of stuff moving to the other side of the world!... I think what they meant was fertilizer had impregnated the potato and then that potato was used to make frozen chips!! I didn’t get compensated, just a letter explaining and then a few vouchers for the frozen supermarket I bought them from (they were shops own brand)

I also wrote to a cereal company when I found a burnt flake and they sent me vouchers for more cereal :) and a choclate bar that hard a hard black bit in… sent it in an envelope to them and they sent me vouchers… enough to buy 4 more chocolate bars, they were running a promation at the time and I won 2 free ice lollies!!

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Once I was in an arab country, and during breakfast in the hotel, when I finished my “orange juice” called drink, I saw on the bottom of my mug like 4–5 maggots were waving at me. And the orange juice tank was filled with them during my whole stay.

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@sakura Wow so I think your message is “it pays to complain!!” Good for you for being compensated.
@Otto_King Oh my goodness…. I feel quite sick now LOLL!!

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@partyparty as long as you are genuine and aren’t too fussy or demanding the manufacturers don’t mind! I was only 13 or 14 at the time and hand wrote the letters, so maybe that made a difference?

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