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Why do I react this way to crushes?

Asked by Kokoro (1424points) September 28th, 2010

I have noticed that when I begin to “like” someone, I either back away and try to hide (shyness) or make fun of them a lot… playfully, but I fear it may be too much sometimes. I don’t think either of these are too good for me! Why do I do this – anyone know?

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It’s hard to be comfortable with someone one has a crush on. I think it’s quite natural to either try too hard or back away. It’s easier if the liking is mutual and the relationship evolves naturally, but unfortunately that doesn’t always happen.

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I guess it’s to make you feel good or something. It maybe makes you feel better about yourself.
Also you are maybe scared…

I do that tool if I like someone, I act like I hate them or something like that or just completely ignore them…

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Funny isn’t it? I just worry that I’ll push them away.

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You may be afraid of the consequences of getting involved. You may fear that it will end badly, or worse, that he won’t even be interested in the first place.

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Because when one is having a crush, it’s hard to know how to behave towards that person. So you make fun of them as a shield.

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Committment. you are afraid of committment. take the step. it may be the best thing you have done lately.

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It is good that you are aware of these tendencies. The next time it comes up before you speak to them run what you are going to say through the filter of “Is this something I should say because I like this person?”

Hopefully, that will keep you from saying anything too cruel or harsh.

If you are backing away, stop yourself and say “Is this the way I want to be around someone that I like?” Then, act less shy around them.

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Friends tend to joke around with eachother a lot, and I think people often feel they can do the same with their SO. I used to make joke’s at my ex’s expense, and eventually realized it could sometimes be cruel and repetetive rather than funny. That’s not to say we still didn’t mess around with eachother, it’s just important to know your limits.

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Idk, I was similar to you and well, I had no trouble in eventually getting them in the sack

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Well, that’s why they call it a “crush”... no matter what, you seem to crush your odds.

Yup, I’m the same way.

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