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Need help on finding research for a speech. Can anyone help me?

Asked by smokeweedeveryday (579points) September 28th, 2010

I am giving a speech on The Illuminati and i need help on finding research about them. I know some things about them but i would like straight forward facts on them i can’t find a good website to help me on that. And it would also help that if you know anything about them to please tell me.

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It’s hard to give facts on a group that doesn’t exist.

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Are you talking about the actual Bavarian Illuminati?

Or the Dan Brown super secret mostly fictitious Illuminati?

Once you determine exactly what you are learning about, go to your local library and access Jstor or any other database (that your librarian would gladly direct you to) and search for “Illuminati.”

Just to warn you, though, I searched my entire college database and there are no articles or books about the Illuminati except for one movie review of The Da Vinci Code

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@Fiddle_Playing_Creole_Bastard: Yeah the Bavarian Illuminati.
i already went through all the conspiracy books in my library, and it didn’t really say much.

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@hawaii_jake : if it doesn’t exist then why do so many people know about them.

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@smokeweedeveryday : If they exist, then why are there no reputable books or articles about them?

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@Fiddle_Playing_Creole_Bastard Yeah both of the history and what people think of them now and how they are viewed now.

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Illuminati… check the Notes and External Links at the bottom as well.

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“if it doesn’t exist then why do so many people know about them.”

The same reason people “know” about unicorns, Santa Claus, black helicopters and the Protocols of the Elders of Zion.

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There is a whole page dedicated to this subject on Wikipedia. check it out.

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@john65pennington : Really Wikipedia? That is a bad website to go and get information. Or so my teachers say.

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@smokeweedeveryday Not if there are citations at the end, check it out.

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@smokeweedeveryday, your teachers are partially right, and partially full of shit.

Wikipedia used to be really susceptible to trolls and people editing pages however the hell they wanted to. This isn’t so much the case anymore, as most of the important articles including the Illuminati article are protected from editing anyway. Also, like @erichw1504 said, the source citations at the bottom of the page are extremely useful and can serve as a good starting point for finding actual scholarly information.

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@smokeweedeveryday it’s like God: That doesn’t exist, either, but look at the opinions you get from those who think It does.

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@CyanoticWasp Oh boy, did you just open up a can of… wasps?

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I think I might actually have a couple of books on the Illuminati. My husband and his addiction to the History Book Club… ^_^

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[Mod Says:] Remember kids, this is the general section. Let’s keep it on topic and helpful.

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@smokeweedeveryday does your school subscribe to any academic databases such as jstor, ebsco, or lexis nexis? I just plugged the term into one of my college’s databases and came up with over a hundred hits. A lot of them were reviews of a novel called The Bavarian Illuminati, the Early American Novel, and Histories of the Public Sphere which might be a good resource itself, but it looked like there were some other hits as well.

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