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How is everyone doing in school?

Asked by daytonamisticrip (4843points) September 28th, 2010

For all the fluther people in school how are you doing?

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Does the school of hard knocks count?

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I’m wrapping up a short essay (2–5 pages… I went for a middle-ground three) and need to write a 250-word commentary in… twenty or so minutes before heading out to the bus stop where I will read 20 pages before my English Renaissance course begins.

Just an average quarter for me~

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I’m good. Though I feel like a nerd for re-doing an entire paper but I typed it out and made it look fancy! Although there’s nothing wrong with working a little bit harder….I guess.

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Doing well. Not sure what my GPA is, but it’s up there. I’ll be going to Japanese class in an hour and a half. :)

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I’d be doing well if I actually showed up to class.

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@daytonamisticrip I had to redo it since I was told to restate the question in all my answers but instead I just rewrote all the questions. My teacher wanted it to be done on a seperate paper that’s why I rewrote it. Well at least it looks nice! It’s a study guie for an upcoming quiz I have.

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@Ultramarine_Ocean well that makes sense, I remember back a couple years ago I had a teacher who if you had one little thing wrong she would have a whole speech about trying your best.

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@daytonamisticrip well I hope none of my current/future teachers are like that since I tend to make at least a few mistakes.

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Well we’re all meant to be jellies. That’s one school of thought anyway. Swimming happily amongst a school of whales, metaphorically speaking of course.

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Iam doing well in the Pre-IB. Though for me it’s really hard. I don’t understand Physics, Chemistry or Biology and also Social Sciences!! Help me please.
p.s I just finished doing latin homework and tommorow I have to do an oral presentation in Biology about the stomach. I hate talking in front of my class and I am sometimes also ashamed of my accent.

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3.56 GPA, last time I checked.

17 credit hours this semester, plus I have to tutor freshmen for three hours a week. I’m in two philosophy classes that are kicking my ass, but I like them, and I love my other classes, especially pottery.

Oh yeah, I’m starting to formulate my thesis, because I have to start working on it next semester.

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My daughter, a freshman in high school, seems to be doing well. On one of her first quizzes, she got a 136! Out of 100. It’s amazing how they do that, these days! ;-)

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Keeping straight A’s, GPA: 3.69.

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C’s. Mlurg. I’m trying my best, though, trying to keep being a Freshman, being 14, having a life, and my thoughts in order. I’m glad I don’t have to keep boyfriend drama straight, too. I’m not going to try that much multitasking for a couple years.

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It’s going well! I am almost done with this current semester, then it’s 4 more classes till graduation. Excited for the diploma, nervous about finding a job…

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