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Can you give me a brief summary about Russia's weather?

Asked by tylerandcason (94points) September 28th, 2010

I know it is so big but please give me a brief summary about the weather. PLEASE don’t say ‘do your own homework’ or ‘Russia is so big you that you cant give a brief’. Because first of all this isn’t homework and second I just want an answer to my question not sarcasm. Please

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Russian weather.

Interesting: already several places where the temps are below freezing. No wonder the gulag was so difficult a place to live.

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Cold and cloudy.

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The temperature in the inlands can fluctuate 60 degrees or more during the year, from -30 to +30–40.

The temperature in the Kola Arctic is cold but not as cold as in, say, Nunavut, due to the Gulf Stream.

The temperature on the Baltic shores are, well, typically Baltic. Mild and warmish.

Moscow falls under the inland regions.

Siberia is even more extreme. 80 degree temperature fluctuations possible there.

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This map should present you with a fairly accurate image of mean annual temps across Russia. As you can see, extreme western (European) Russia is a mostly temperate climate with seasonal transitions. As you venture past the Ural Mountains into Siberia, which is the bulk of Russia, it is moderately to extremely cold through most of the year. In fact most Siberia is classified as a taiga ecoregion in which the ground remains frozen all year round (taiga/permafrost)
p.s. In Soviet Russia weather watches you! ;p

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Can you give me a brief summary about the weather of the United States? Cold and cloudy?

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I am from Sochi, Russia. It is actually very nice there. Quite warm weather. But if you go somewhere like Amursk, you are bound to run into harsh, cold, damp weather.

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