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Why do I do these things?

Asked by redhen4 (520points) September 28th, 2010

While watching tv I discover that I am either petting a dog in my lap or circling the round buttons on the remote control.

I’m not aware of it and then suddenly I am.

What’s up with that?

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The Catholic church knows all about this. They say the rosary fiddling with their beads. What you are doing is a similar thing. These repetitive motions put us into a more meditative frame of mind. Your thoughts wander. I’ll bet you’re not even really completely following what’s on the TV. Some other things are in your mind.

You snap to awareness from time to time. It’s normal to fall out of these meditative states. It’s hard to maintain them. But if you go back to it, you’ll soon be back in no-there land.

You’re lucky that this works for you. For many people, it’s really hard to stop thinking thinking and just be. But if you can stay in that state, you may find yourself feeling a sense of connection with the greater whole—in whatever way you experience that. You may get intuitions about problems that have been on your mind.

PS—sometimes, on very rare occasions, it’s a sign that your remote has been taken over by aliens who are trying to infiltrate your brain, too! ;-)

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lol @wundayatta I like the latter theory best ;-)

I think it is meditative too x

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