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Any good movies you can recommend me?

Asked by poisonedantidote (21638points) September 28th, 2010

I’m just looking for a movie to watch, and cant seem to find anything that interests me. do you have any suggestions?

It can be old or new, just try and stay away from formula based movies, as i find i can usually watch the trailer and tell you exactly what its going to be like and how it will end.

I like movies like: fight club, usual suspects, casino, rambo first blood, a few good men. however i also like other kinds of movies. (i tend to stay away from horror movies as i usually end up rooting for the monster)

(i know i have asked a questions like this in the past, so feel free to moderate once i have a few answers if you like, thx)

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I just saw Chloe (2009) with Liam Neeson and I would reccommend it. Kind of a mystery movie.

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Midnight Express

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@Pied_Pfeffer i dont think i have, thx

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Pi, Requiem for a Dream, Natural Born Killers, 21, The Departed, The Messenger

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Requiem for a Dream
Life of David Gale
American History X
Synechdoche, New York
The Crying Game
Twelve Monkeys
The Game
Primal Fear
The Mothman Prophecies
And anything by David Lynch.

I really like documentaries as well and some of the best ones I’ve seen are Jesus Camp, The Cove and Lake of Fire.

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Yess. I love every single movie on @Vunessuh‘s list. That’s a good one.

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Many young people have not seen, “The Bridge Over The River Kwai!” A classic!

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Midnight Express was out of this world. I even bought the book which is amazingly almost as good as the movie. But where is the book? Lost. I think mostly men would like it
@BoBo1946 Bridge/Kaui was great, no question. A TAD drawn out but a classic no less. (dizzy woman here)

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The Shawshank Redemption

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You might also enjoy The Big Blue. Note: the preview and synopsis are pretty much worthless.

While it sort of plays out as a one-sided love story, that is a minor part of it. I’d like to get your take on the main character and what you think happens in the end. I’ve never figured it out.

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Herbie Rides Again ?

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I second @mrlaconic‘s amazing answer, Inception!

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The box. Awesome movie, would have been better if my buddy didn’t give away the ending.

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Apocalypse Now
Pulp Fiction
Billy Jack
Taxi Driver
And the Gods must be Crazy
Full Metal Jacket
Sand Pebbles
Cool Hand Luke
Seven Ups

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Devil’s Alley
Simple Jack
Chitlin’ and the Dude

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Eyes Wide Shut – Tom Cruise – an r Rated thriller

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@Aster That movie freaked me out! Very twisted!

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It WAS freaky, wasn’t it? The background music was so scary!!
I’d like to know who wrote the script.

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The Untouchables if you haven’t already.

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How considerate, Future . thanks. GA

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Godfather I and II

III is ok, but not as good

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I enjoyed Machete. The Wall Street sequel was good, but doesn’t compare to the original. The American was lame, and Devil had a good premise, unfortately the meat of the film was weak and the characters were weak.

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Snatch, Afterschool, RocknRolla, “Lock, Stock, and Two Smoking Barrels,” and Se7en…

any movie by Guy Ritchie if you like Fight Club and The Unusual Suspects

The Machinist
Requiem for a Dream
American Psycho… a must see

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Napoleon Dynamite

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Let the Right One In
Whip It
Dark Knight
Donnie Darko

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