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Why do some people wear sweaters even if its 100 degrees out?

Asked by Kraigmo (7882points) September 28th, 2010

Today I saw a young woman walking with her friends somewhere. It’s 106 degress today. She was wearing a button up sweater (unbuttoned though).

Are there really people out there who are chilly in 100 degree weather? Or is something else going on with her? I’ve seen this before in people. I’ve seen it in the homeless, but that’s just mental illness, right? What’s going on with the seemingly healthy people who wear an extra layer of clothes when its hot out? Does she think she’s fat? Is that it? Even if that was it, the sweater doesn’t cover that up, it highlights it. She was attractive and almost, but not quite, chubby. It usually is women I see who do this… the only males who do it that I’ve seen, are homeless.
Her face was not covered up, so it has nothing to do with protecting her skin.

So what are the reasons a person would wear a sweater on a 100 degree day?

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Could be that she really is chilly, but I doubt it.
I wear sweatshirts, hoodies, sweaters, cardigans all through summer. But I am painfully self conscious, so that is obviously going to be my first guess. I figure that is why I do it so that is probably why most people do. My sister has a skin condition that is visible, she also wears long sleeves year round. Again, self conscious.

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Maybe they self-harm.

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Poor circulation? Sounds like the elderly . I thought young people wanted to be as close to undressed as possible. ?

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Back in the days when my hormones would wack out every month I might be either overheated or cold depending on where in my cycle I was.

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Sometimes it is to shelter skin from the sun.

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Maybe she just enjoys the way it looks?

I’m 23 and balding. I have been since the 9th grade. Because of this, I ALWAYS wear a hat. I have one baseball cap that I’ve had for about 10 years so it’s staring to disintegrate. It fits “differently” (for lack of a better term) than today’s caps so I won’t buy a new one.

I told you that to tell you this: I look better with a hat and because I don’t want a new cap and I don’t want to destroy the one I have, I often go with one of my beanies, even in the summer time. It gets warm but I like the way it looks and it keeps my shining head from getting sunburnt.

There’s always reasons for wearing/not wearing certain things even if it’s just for fashion.

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* Usually where it is very hot, indoors is overly cold. Maybe she is going from place to place.
* She has a scar, birthmark, skin disease, tattoo or underarm hair that she doesn’t want to expose in public.

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Maybe she’s an old coworker of my Dad’s…you know Lucy? Lucy fer?

All kidding aside, my Dad used to work in Arizona and one female coworker always wore sweaters outdoors claiming that it was much to cold, and if it were ever below 90, she would be shivering, even when bundled in a windbreaker on top of her layers of sweaters.

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Maybe it the new style….

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Personal preference.


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I honestly don’t know. I’d go to Vegas when it was 104 degrees or higher and I’d see at least a few people walking around the 104 degree desert wearing jeans and a sweatshirt. It makes me want to approach them and say: are you insane? Or just looking for attention? :P

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The only reason I do that is because it’s cool in the morning, and sometimes I don’t even notice it until somebody says something. But I also do that because I’m still not comfortable showing my arms.

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How do you know it’s not just a hairy chest?

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I’d put money on it being a combination of style (hence unwillingness to sacrifice a good outfit despite weather) and the fact that yes, some people really are just cold all the time.

…tragically I am one of them, and must take a fleece jacket with me everywhere I go.

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She’s vain. She’d rather look good than have a comfy body temperature. (Although, I think looking good depends on context; that sweater probably doesn’t look that great, rather out of place, in 106 degree heat)

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Maybe she walked out of a/is going to a cold area and didn’t feel like removing it. Maybe the sun was so glaring that she rather bake than feel her skin burn.

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I did, all through my adolescence and even beyond. I wasn’t chilly. Quite the opposite, I was a heavy perspirer, beyond the help of any drugstore product. Something long-sleeved and absorbent was the only thing to keep me from marking my cotton blouses with great circles of perspiration and/or conspicuously dripping. I had to pretend to be chilly (while actually feeling wretchedly hot) in order to be spared the embarrassment of having rivulets of sweat pour off my elbows. Fortunately I outgrew this problem in my twenties, but until then I suffered a lot with it. I was too ashamed to mention it to anyone at all, so I never knew if it was common or rare.

Dealing with this constant misery gave me a lifelong sympathy for anyone with a problem or condition that they have to think about all the time, while others blissfully take their freedom for granted. It also oriented my instincts toward hidden reasons for doing things, especially things that seem contradictory—made me aware that some acts are motivated by a desire to cover something up rather than by any obvious cause and effect. This insight stood me in good stead through all my years of dealing with office politics.

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There could be alot of reasons. She could shoot up drugs in her arms, have bruises all over her, tattoos(I know alot of people who wear sweaters to job interviews when they have tattoos all over them even if its scorching hot outside), they had nothing else to wear, they just felt like wearing it, some people’s medicine tells them to wear clothing covering up most of their skin, they could have a weird looking birthmark or something that people would stare at.

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I do that because I feel fat most of the time, and where sweaters to cover it up. Usually I’m hot as hell in them, but I have to cover up myself.

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Oh, yes, @Mom2BDec2010 just reminded me: years later I learned that some people thought I was hiding needle tracks back then because they never saw my bare arms. At the time I barely knew what needle tracks were, and the idea would never have occurred to me. Yet somehow that suspicion became attached to my reputation.

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I see a lot of guys (like at the carwash) wearing long sleeve shirts and sweatshirts when it is very warm (90F) outside. I asked one of them and he told me it is because they want to keep the sun off his skin. Sure enough, I look around at people picking crops around here and working at carwashes and they wear long sleeve clothes and wide brim hats even when it is really warm.
Now, the converse of that is, why do people who have “body art” on their arms wear short sleeve shirts when it is 43F outside?

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