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Ever had an out of body experience ?

Asked by mickhock (540points) September 28th, 2010

If so please explain the cause and then the effect it has had on your life since.

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Yes I have and why should I explain? What do you need to know?

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Crikey !!! Who rattled your cage ?

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come on, Cruiser. Those are beautiful things. Do tell?

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Yeah I have, and I didn’t forcefully or purposely make it happen so I wasn’t in control of the occurrence, but I believe it happened as some type of a shield to help me get through the situation I was in.

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OK… I live each day like there is no tomorrow know that just like that time long ago I could leave the here and now for good. It made me realize that I simply occupy a body that is the physical part of our existance and that there really is an astral plane our life force exists on.

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cruiser, are you in a less than good mood? I hope not. Be happy.

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No @Aster I am in a fine mood and I take this question seriously and I have yet to meet one person who does appreciate the experience of what I had as more than a novelty. It is a very involved experience that has many dimensional aspects to it that each could occupy pages of discourse and I was hoping the OP would narrow down the point of interest is all.

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@Cruiser A novelty?? I would never consider it a novelty but a chemical and/or possibly spiritual experience. And one to be look at with dignity and respect.

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@Aster attempting to explain an out of body experience and what it feels like to die in front of your parents and all the other things that go along with that experience is personal and full of emotional elements that I am happy to share bits and pieces but to attempt to explain the entirety of how that has affected my life is not something I can sum up in a brief answer but would try to share my thoughts on specifics if you are curious about something in particular.

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@Cruiser “to die in front of your parents.” No, I feel like I’m delving into a private matter, Cruiser. Thanks.

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I used to put myself in a trance and visit other worlds, for lack of a better term.
Until I ran into one of the nasties on the block. I decided the trip was no longer worth the risks.

@Aster if your experiences have all been beautiful, I envy you. Mine were too up until the last one.

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@WestRiverrat I’ve never come close to having one!

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My dad had two.The first one was as a child when he almost drowned.The second was a wartime experience as a Marine.He described them as the most peaceful thing he has ever experienced and did not want to come back.He was not a religious man.
The way he talked about his experience was a great comfort to me when he did die as I feel he is not suffering anymore and is in a better place. :)

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Yes, a relatively simple one, but it saved my life. I was tired, driving on an empty Interstate early one morning and “lifted” out of body so I was high above the ground looking down, like the helicopter pans in movies. There were rolling hills, and I “looked” ahead and saw a car blocking both lanes on the other side of the hill. I snapped back into my body, and stopped my car just in time.

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Oh boy here I go. I had 2 near death experiences where I didn’t see the traditional tunnel, light or deceased loved ones described by many but I vividly remember each time looking at my body lying there from above (like 3D).

I had one where at a former bottle recycling plant I’ve worked at. There was a power outage because one of the main inline fuses from the primary of the transformer that fed the plant opened and we lost a phase. The place had alot of old wiring, panels. Well making a long story short I was in a speed up mode trying to desperately turn all the equipment off and checking blown fuses. The main air compressor fuse panel had a blown fuse, out of stupidity I didn’t bother to check the top of the fuses for power (because I assumed by opening the panel that the line side of the fuse terminals were de-energized) normally I would check this but for some reason not this one night. I grabbed the fuse with juice on it and bam next thing I rememberd was feeling different, but peaceful and I noticed I was able to float up to the ceiling, I remembered looking at my body laying there from above and a voice telling me to get back in my body and next thing I knew I woke up from laying on the floor. Everyone was sent home except one other maintenance guy. I never said nothing because I didn’t want to get in trouble for a safety violation (I wasn’t injured but somewhat rattled) so I left it go. I had a more vivid OBE when I was a kid but I’m not getting into that one here. There were a couple other times I was unconscious from having a close call but I never had any memories of anything happening to me from those experiences. The obe was a real experience to me not a hallucination, I was actually looking at my body in 3D from another vantage point and I woke up in the same position that I saw myself from. I remember vividly hearing this powerful female voice telling me to get back in my body. It seemed real to me.

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