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Can anyone help me find this song?

Asked by Repo_the_Genetic_Opera (430points) September 28th, 2010 from iPhone

There was a song featured in a movie as the credit song. The film was Lucky Stiff, made in 1988, starring Donna Dixon and Joe Alaskey. The song in the credits is Love Has Come to Me by Gary Falcone, according to the credits. According to the Internet, the song doesn’t exist. I’m so frustrated with it, I think my brain may explode. Suggestions or information would be incredible! Thanks (:

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did you check imdb?

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Yes, I did. I checked the entire Internet lol.

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Are you absolutely sure of the song title? Do you actually have the DVD? (It’s availavle on

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Yes, I have it on DVD and I checked twice.

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It is possible that the composer, Gary Falcone, did not copyright the song under that title. If the song was just incidental music running during the credits of the movie, he may not have bothered. Does the song have vocals or is it strictly instrumental?

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It has vocals. It sounds extremely 80s pop-ish.

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Could it by any chance be that he is doing a cover of a song? So you can’t find it because someone else wrote it and he only performed it for the song?

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Actually, no lol. I looked up the song title, the song title and artist name, and the artist name by itself. I also dissected the movie cast and crew trying to find something, but no luck ):

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