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Will Google come out with a GPS device soon?

Asked by Illuminat3d (183points) September 28th, 2010

Google maps makes more sense than my damn Garmin nüvi 360,that thing is telling me to turn left or right when my destination is just straight ahead! Sometimes i type in an address nothing will come up even when my maps are updated but put it in google maps and bam! there it is.Can you recommend a better device?

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Google maps on your phone, with turn-by-turn navigation.

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No need for a device like @papayalily said. Most of us have smartphones.

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@zwingli That’s exactly what @papayalily was suggesting.

I was actually just talking with one of my friends about this the other day, I think it’s a great idea. Google Maps + Navigation on Android phones is great, and you get voice search too. The only downside is you need a smartphone, which comes with pricey data plans. Put all that Google goodness into a contract free GPS unit and people might like it.

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@J0E In my experience, the people who are willing to pay hundreds of dollars on a GPS unit are willing to pay hundreds of dollars for a smartphone.

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Probably, but then that would be very scary. Big Brother already records and saves everything you do online, do you really want them to record and save your every destination?

I,for one, am happy with my gps. I have found that when it “screws up” it’s usually due to human error. Certain adjustments are made (off road, toll road, etc.) and then it’s fine.

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I seriously doubt they will. I mean they have google phones that are multiple devices in one, I don’t see them making a standalone device.

Especially since they tried getting into the market themselves with the nexus one and that bombed from them.

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@willbrawn The Nexus One didn’t bomb, it did exactly what Google wanted it to do.

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@papayalily It’s the developer phone. It wasn’t their goal to sell a ton of em, it’s mainly for developers so Google can send updates to them fast. It was also to showcase the new version of Android, at the time.

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@J0E that was not the original intention. Despite what they say now.

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