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Can you please help? My eyes are hurting very bad...

Asked by weeveeship (4637points) September 29th, 2010

So, just a few days into school and I am already using my computer like crazy. I’m already cutting back on most unnecessary uses (e.g. Facebook, gaming, email even).

In the morning to afternoon, I use the laptop to take notes in class. In the evening, I use it to take notes on the reading (cases). I cannot use a substitute as I really need to organize my notes. Even if I were to hand write the notes now, I would have to type them up later anyways to avoid misplacing crucial notes.

In any case, the end result is that my eyes are hurting like crazy due to severe eye strain. I try taking eye breaks, but their effects are marginal. I also tried eye drops but those don’t really work, as I usually just cry the drops back out as a reflex. My computer screen and my glasses are fine, as far as I can tell.

Please help…

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If you’re getting eye strain that badly then I would think that your glasses are not as fine as you think, and you need to get your prescription checked. Tell the optician that you need glasses specifically for prolonged computer use. It may make a difference.

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This is something to discuss with an optometrist. I know for myself I can be the worst judge at how good my eyewear is. If it’s even slightly off, that may be the cause.

In the meantime, try keeping the screen as far away from your eyes as possible. If you need to buy an external keyboard so that you can place the laptop on the back of the desk keeping the keyboard within easy reach.

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When I had that issue, it was because my prescription needed to be slightly stronger so my eyes weren’t straining as much. It also helped to switch to glasses with the non-reflective (or is it reflective?) coating to cut a good chunk of the glare from the screen. I also enlarged everything – 125% size in the Control Panel, then usually at 150% in my browser. Then I changed a lot of the whites to creams and ivories to soften the look of a lot of pages.

I would see your ophthalmologist to make sure you don’t need a stronger Rx or have another issue.

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You might try taking a break, every 30 minutes or so, from the close up “eye work”, that is reading and using the computer and taking a minute or two to look at something at a distance, looking out the window at something far away for example. That has sometimes given me relief from eyestrain. And @papayalily has good advice too. It might be time to have your eyes checked.

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Here is one more vote for making an appt. with an optometrist. Are you using some type of clip or stand to prop up books or papers? One time when I was transferring a paper document into an electronic one, my eyes started to feel strained, and using a stand helped. It allowed for looking back and forth instead of up and down.

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Eye doctor.

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if all else fails you can turn down the contrast on your screen

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