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Has anyone actually used an acne product that worked?

Asked by Mom2BDec2010 (2666points) September 29th, 2010

I cant find anything that works for me. Has any products worked for you?

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Yes. The Proactiv products worked perfectly for me.

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I haven’t had acne since High School, and even then I would only have one at a time. The downside was that one pimple would be monsterously huge. EEK! I know someone that used Proactiv and raved about it like @Pied_Pfeffer said. Olay products as well. I used Oxy pads and Clearasil and Sea Breeze (It was the 90’s).

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I take Akamin, on prescription from my dermatologist, and it is brilliant. Now I only get pimples when I miss a dose, get too stressed, or don’t shave for a week. See a dermatologist, and they may be able to prescribe something similar for you.

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I got moderated but I was actually serious urine

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Reminder—Don’t take anything, even OTC stuff, while pregnant without first checking with your doctor.

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My doctor prescribed something, but I don’t remember what it was called. It was a face soap that I used twice a day, and it worked really well. After a while I stopped using it and the acne didn’t come back. Now I use Clinique.

What you use for the acne depends on what kind you have an how severe it is. I didn’t get it until I was in college, and it was just along my jaw but very bad.

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I agree with @FireMadeFlesh
If acne is severe, you should see a dermatologist. I never had pimples until I turned about 22. I saw a dermatologist for the issue. Unfortunately, it didn’t help me. Her advice was to stop all product use (no clearasil, etc.) and just use a mild soap. This actually made my skin worse (even though there is a pretty well supported argument that this works for most people)—even after a year, it still made my skin worse.
The only thing that worked for me, oddly enough, was getting pregnant. I just used Dove Sensitive Skin soap during and after pregnancy. I haven’t had an issue since (I gave birth about 7 weeks ago).
Good luck to you! I know very well that this issue can be frustrating.

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nO. Ive been using the Nivea scrub, face wash and face cream and it didnt do any work for me at all. Iam still struggling with my pimples and blackheads all over.

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I second Proactive.I don’t have a bad problems but a cousin does. She used it clear it up. One thing dries your skin.

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@Frenchfry Yeah, Proactiv dried my skin out a bit at first, but it balanced out in a week. I don’t use it near my eyes; other brands of moisturizers are used for that.

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Apple Cider Vinegar, you may smell like a salad for a few minutes but it works. Great for cuts, scrapes, insect stings and rashes too!

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The Neutrogena Wave works for me

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@Aesthetic_Mess I use the Neutrogena Wave. It’s incredible!!!!

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@Deja_vu I know! I was using it for just three days and everyone noticed my skin was clearer. Usually I have horrible skin, but this thing works wonders

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@Mom2BDec2010 Drink lots of water. That helps clear up the skin a lot

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@Mom2BDec2010 You might want to look at the makeup you wear as well. My skin used to break out every now and then, no matter what I did. I didn’t have the bad acne anymore, but especially around the time I got my period, I’d get at least a couple of big, nasty zits right on my chin where they were very noticeable. My skin is really fair, so they’d take forever to fade no matter what I did (or didn’t do…squeezing or picking at the zits is so bad). Anyway, I stopped using liquid foundation and now only use a bit of concealer and face powder. Since then, pimples are very rare for me. I started wearing liquid foundation when I was in high school and almost never went without it. Now I wonder how many fewer zits I would have had in my lifetime if I’d never used that stuff!

It also took me a while to find a moisturizer and a sunscreen that wouldn’t cause my skin to break out. Like I mentioned above, I use Clinique face products now, and love the moisturizer. Their sunscreen, on the other hand, really bothered my skin. I tried a Neutrogena face sunscreen this past summer and had no problems with it. Everyone’s skin is different, so it might take a while to find the combination of products that work best for you.

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@Aesthetic_Mess It’s magic.
@MissAusten Your right. I always wash my make up off before I go to sleep. The great thing about Clinique is that is all natural.
@Mom2BDec2010 Try a tinted moisturizer. You’re young, I’m sure you have great skin.

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Proactiv stuff helped me.

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I used to use Proactiv—but honestly, it just got to be too expensive & I wasn’t really getting the results I wanted. I have oily & acne prone skin.

So.. I came up with my own system:

1. I remove my makeup with makeup removing sheets (you can get cheap ones at Walmart & other stores.)

2. I wash my face with a mild face wash. (I use Neutrogena redness reducing with aloe—the key to this step is something mild. You don’t want to irritate your skin, but you want to make sure you’re working with a clean surface.)

3. Treatment. The best treatment I’ve found is Benzoyl Peroxide. This is what is in Proactiv as the active ingredient, however, if you go to you can purchase a big bottle for a lot less than what you’d pay for Proactiv. The best part about this is that it’s straight up treatment. No fragrance & additives like in Proactiv.

4. Moisturize. This is important—if you don’t moisturize, your skin could become dry & more irritated, hence—more break outs. I recommend CeraVe. It leaves the skin non-oily & won’t cause break outs.

So. There ya have it—it’s the same sort of idea as many face wash kits; wash, treat, moisturize, but it’s a lot cheaper & it’s worked like a charm.

My skin is completely clear now & it’s not something I have to stress about.

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Two friends of mine had real bad acne. I noticed both of them had a lot of ear/nose/mouth piercings, and they both touched their own faces a lot without realizing it.

I suggested to them to remove the piercings and wash their faces many times throughout the day with a dry-causing soap (old fashioned soap such as Dial) until such a time the acne goes away, then switch to a vegetable or glycerin soap after that to restore moisture but without causing too much oil.

I’ve seen many people break out in acne after getting too many piercings in the head. It’s not something I’ve ever read about being proven, though.

A common problem is touching your face in the day. Even if your fingertip touches it just once… then it needs to be immediately washed with soap and water. Once is too much.

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Birth control helped me. I still use face wash, and if I’m lazy about it I break out. Whatever you do, make sure you’re adamant about doing it.

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A tincture made with warm distilled water and sea salt, applied once in the morning and once before bed.

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The new zeno hot spot is good. I know if you don’t want to go through buying that, a home remedy for a huge zit that I use is boiling water. Take a face towel and pour the boiling water onto a corner of the towel. Then slowly bring it close to your zit, the heat should decrease it’s volume and size. Try dabbing the towel on the zit, if the towel is too hot wait a tad bit longer, but keep the towel close to your face. Then once it’s not so scorching hot, press the hot towel on the zit til the towel cools or for about 3 minutes. You should see a difference in size once the redness is gone.

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